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Junior Prom 2012

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

The pressure is off.  I can relax.  I don't know why these big events cause such a frenzy in my family.  Everyone seems to bite off a big chew of stress and the crazy pops off the charts.  Prom is high stress.  Even when it's one child going.

I'm considering skipping out that weekend next year.  Maybe going on a weekend retreat or having an ingrown toenail cut out.  I'm reaching the age of TOO OLD FOR THIS PRESSURE!!  🙂

By the 3:00 date pick up deadline….everything was smooth sailing.  But all the hours before then… H E C T I C !!!  And we thought we had our act together.  Details, little tiny details just sneak up on you and rob you of precious peace and harmony.

Note to self:  Do not ask your husband about renewing your auto tags at 11am on Saturday morning of Prom.  No, just hush!  He might leave and all heck break loose at your house.  You know, little things like breakers flipping while the prom girl is drying her GIANT MANE of hair.  Your son might get overwhelmed at all the orders you're barking at him and try to take off for shelter.  Oh and since it's all happening around lunchtime–EVERYONE will be starving for real food and you'll need to call your husband to pick up hamburger meat & buns…but you won't be able to reach him because all your calls go straight to voicemail thanks to his DEAD BATTERY!!


But hey, what's a special event without some dysfunction sneaking its way in?  Please, someone tell me other families get wigged out too?  Please?  

The night got started when the kindest gentlemanly date arrived to pick up our prom darling, Gates.  He had spent the day in Indy playing in a killer soccer game which his team got pounded.  So the guy was pretty exhausted!  The heat and humidity was at a killer level, so imagine the energy zapper that was.  Blek!  He trudged forward with a smile anyway.


You can't tell he's hot and itchy in that tux, can you?

Your fancy chariot has arrived.  Wow, look at that shiny car.  I see a mom in the reflection.  Somebody's dad really loves her.

Ready to go.  Time to pick up the rest of their party.


The gang's all here (PROM) and about to enter the DANCE OVEN.  Don't they look wonderful?  I think so.

I'm so thankful for such a beautiful girl (inside & out).  Our family is complete with her as the baby.  It's amazing how fast she's grown into this lovely lady.

This is the one time I could find her outside of the dance crowd.  But it appears to still be her dance floor.  Everywhere is a place to dance for Gates.


They breeze in….and then blow out!  Leaving the prom and heading back to After Prom.  Such a long night filled with so much fun.  I loved seeing her smiling all night long.  Her date, Gabe was a total gem of a gentleman.  It's no surprise, he comes from a wonderful family.  They've invested in him and it shows.

At the beginning of the schoolyear, she really wondered how she would be happy at school without her best friend/sister Ally.  While it has been challenging to find a new friend group (she misses her peeps) God has not missed a chance to bless her with special pals all year long.  I've enjoyed watching her grow and make new friends while still caring for all the old ones too.

By the joy on her face this weekend… I think it's going to be a great senior year (in just a couple weeks) for you Miss Gates!  You're in for a wonderful big chick on campus ending!

PS-You were beautiful…all night long.  And it really was YOUR DAY!  I hope you cherish all the sweet memories that were made.  I know, I will.