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Burn baby burn

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Have you ever felt passionate about a household tool? I actually have a deep love for many househould things…..the dishwasher? Oh baby, I love that dude! The whole washer/dryer combo thing? Fantastic! The iron? Yea, I see your disdain! But….I LOVE MY IRON! I have a thing for nicely pressed clothes. They look amazing! I think it’s part of my southern upbringing. Ranks up there with wearing belts. People don’t seem too concerned with wearing them here….but down south it’s almost poor manners to be caught without a belt (with a tucked-in shirt especially)!

My iron has such a high rank in my life that I never put it away! Don’t judge me! I have it proudly displayed for all to see in my bedroom any time, any day. Really, we all use it so often…it’s just easier to leave the ironing board up and ready to go. So, I have come to rely on it being there. Sad, huh? I’m a hopeless romantic! πŸ™‚

Last Friday, I raced in and plugged in the iron to press my pants for work and found that something wasn’t quite right with the old gal. No lights, no steam, no nuttin! I did what any iron loving fool would do….I screamed….THE IRON’S BROKEN!!! Aaaahh! Hubby jumped up to take over rescue duty and confirmed, IT’S DEAD! Huh? What? How did this happen? I love that iron! Noooooooo! πŸ™

So, I knew I had to take action and take action quick! This family needs me an iron. I didn’t iron all weekend or even on Monday. While thumbing through the weekends sale papers I noticed Elder Beerman was having a sale on Rowenta’s (THE ONLY IRON I WILL EVER PAY MONEY FOR)! The deal was HOT! Buy a $70 Rowenta on sale now for 49.99 and bring in your old iron and get an additional $10 off! Woohoo! Yay, me! It couldn’t have worked out better!

On Tuesday…on our way back from Indy, I ran by and picked up the new baby. As soon as I got it home and hubby saw it….he said, “Dang, now I wanna iron something!”. See, our love is real!?

So, I tell you all this to let you know… far both he and I have burned our shirts before work. Mine….a soft cotton work shirt. His, a prized Ralph Lauren button up! It’s H O T !!! I guess our old one had been broken in and just wasn’t getting nearly as hot as the new one. So disturbing! Nobody wants to scorch work clothes especially good ones.

Lesson learned. Take it slow…and turn it down or sizzle city!

And now I introduce you to HOT STUFF!