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A Real Mom

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Mom’s do it all. They manage the family, pay the bills, buy the groceries and hold everyone together. For me, I’ve often wondered how “some mom’s” get out of doing any of those jobs. Who are you people? My family would revolt! They’d starve, sit in the dark and cry themselves to sleep. (Yea, right!) No, they’d just go get fast-food, leave their trash everywhere and stay up all night playing on Twitter.


I’ve been low on groceries and you know what that means right? I have weird amounts of stuff that won’t quite make a real meal. The last two nights have been a hit or miss thing in the dinner department. I’ve whipped up some pretty good meals in spite of having little to work with. Which reminds me, isn’t God amazing how He provides? I’ve been too pooped to party grocery shop and still was able to feed my hungry people anyway.

After dinner last night (which I made lasagna roll ups) I couldn’t help but laugh–real mom’s know how to take care of stuff. We just do it! There isn’t time to fall out and grovel over what’s unavailable. We’re called to action! People are counting on us.

I wonder though…will my own chicks be able to do this someday?

Real Moms Know How To–

-Stretch a dollar
-Make a delicious meal out of 8 lasagna noodles, 1/2 a bag of meatballs & 1/2 a jar of sauce
-Wear the same few clothes so someone else can get new shoes
-Clean the house, wash the dog & do the laundry (all in the same day)
-Make their family think she spent hours on a meal just by the taste of it
-Love their families with her whole heart

And make it all look easy!