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He Deserves It

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

My hubby is a humble guy. He was raised by good people who worked hard for everything they bought. He does just the same. I’m thankful that he’s not flashy or fancypants! I like a down-to-earth man who works hard to provide for his family.

I know I can count on him….even in this crazy economy!

But we have struggled. I’ve shared many times about how tough it was trying to bounce back after being unemployed so many months. It was tough! We learned some valuable lessons from that time. One of the greatest? How important our family was to us. We never felt so grateful to have one another more than we did then.

God cared for us in a way that can only be described as miraculous.

It’s been a hectic year in our family. Many changes have pounced on top of us, some planned and other’s not–graduation, college changes, car accidents (3 of them), 18th birthday, long-distance moves (parents, not us), long trip to Florida and your typical life stresses. Stuff, ok? Lots of stuff.

We really had to make a car decision. Two kids driving to college and jobs at different times sharing our cars just wasn’t working out. Matter of fact, it was downright crazy annoying. While hubby was on the trip out west, we talked about him upgrading to another vehicle and just passing his on to our college girl.

It made us both nervous. We haven’t had car payments in a looooong time. Hate them. They’re evil. 🙁 So we dragged our feet.

Until…we found a deal that just couldn’t be real.

Now before you jump to conclusions, don’t..please. This is an unbelievable car. It’s luxurious and fancy! We are not either of those things. Seriously. We’re just normal working folks trying to raise some kids and have our own place someday! Ya know?

After much pondering, praying and deliberating….we decided we needed something newer, comfy-er (we’re crotchety about comfort), reliable and preferrably BMW. Hubby loved his other one enough to kick it up a notch. I’m so glad he did.

It’s really, WOW!

For the first week or so after we bought it…we kept it parked in the garage. We felt weird, embarrassed. WE ARE NOT RICH OR FLASHY! This car makes you feel FANCY! We’re not fancy either. So, we sat around wondering what to do with it. Should we give it back? Naaah, we liked it!

Have I mentioned that my husband WORKS from his car pretty much all of the time? He did it without air-conditioning and a jacked-up transmission in his Hyundai (Thank you God for safely totalled cars). He’s paid his dues. Plus, he was able to purchase his new car for LESS THAN HE PAID FOR THE HYUNDAI! Way less.

So, in my opinion……He deserves it.

You know our hearts. We’re not bigshots and we don’t act like we are. We know exactly why we have anything…..YOU! Thank you for the way you bless our family. I knew being patient and waiting on You would be way better than making decisions on our own. You never give halfway.

Oh and remember how I struggled with Ally getting a decent and reliable car? God had the best plan. She’s loving her “new to her” car!