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Isaac’s Coming

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

When I first heard the news of Isaac….I had a funny feeling.  I knew he was headed up the Florida coast and aiming towards poor New Orleans.  But as I've experienced in the past, hurricanes/tropical storms know just how to find Indiana.

Hello, September 2008's Hurricane Ike?

I couldn't have been more shocked to get hit by a hurricane way up here.  That little incident tore up my little town and knocked out our power lines for a week.  School was closed, groceries lost and property trashed.

All the way up in Indiana!

So the news that this Labor Day weekend would be spent hunkering down once again by way of another visiting hurricane, bummed me out.  I don't mind the rain.  The wind, it bothers me.  Trees trees trees surround my house.  Gigantic old trees that sway and fall at the drop of a hat.  If lines go down in my town, my neighborhood is first to take the hit.

I don't mind dealing with a gloomy weekend…but no power or flooding?  No thanks, Isaac!  You can just pass on by, dude!

How's that for weekend plans?  Be safe, friends.  Keep praying for everyone in the path of this monster.