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Thespian Society

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Once again, a Galloway girl takes the stage for JCHS's Thespian Society induction. The sad part….is that it's the baby and these lasts are coming at us strong.  I'm not whining, just making a mental note to savour each little milestone.  I've walked this road before and I know there isn't one thing I can do to slow time.  So, I'm embracing it and tagging along for the special moments….like a good mom!

Isn't she cute?


Each student who earns their way in….gets to sign the fancy Thespian Society register.  I think it's really neat to see both my girls on the list.  Both of them have put in the long hours and dedication by playing many characters over the years. That entails lots of practices and many weekends of shows.  Way to go, Gates!

Members.  Fancy!

Lighting her candle with the outgoing president, Jacob Green.  It's always fun playing with fire, right?


What a great teacher and leader Mrs. Susan Jarboe has been to both my girls.  She is one of those educator's–  You know the ones…who pull out all the greatness inside of you that you're not so sure is there (when you're a punky freshman).  She teaches you more than just drama, she shows you how to do life with flair!  I know what that's like.  I can still remember my own drama teacher.  She invested in me and really let me be my crazy creative self and it was so much fun!

Three drama queens!  The apple really doesn't fall far from the tree, y'all!  I admit it.  I might have spilled a little of my knack for the arts onto my children.  I loved the stage as a kid and even more now that my kids are on it.

Congratulations Miss Gates!  What a joy it has been watching you morph into so many characters.  I look forward to another year of shows!

Break a leg!