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I <3 IPAD 2

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Tonight, I went on a date. Before you get all high and mighty, don’t. Everybody parties in their own crazy way. Mine just happens to involve things like; taking your teen daughter’s Droid to Verizon for a reboot, Steak & Shake for dinner (without kids rolling their eyes) and roaming around Sam’s Club in search of new dress pants for hubby! See, I told you “we party”!

While at Sam’s, I noticed the ipad 2 on display. I felt it was time for me to actually hold one in my hands and try it out. Hubby and I each grabbed one to play with. Instantly, I knew….I have to have one of my own! Seriously! I think I actually heard the brush of angels wings when I logged onto my blog with it. Heavenly!

Now, the coolest contest is going on over at I Am Bossy. Yep, you guessed it an IPAD 2 baby! I nearly screamed out loud I was so excited to find it. Listen, if I were to win this thing…..people will have to shake me out of my crazy. I might lose it! So, here’s the thing–if you’re in the wish market like me then go enter to win too. You can thank me later (if you win)!

Enter to win HERE!

And go check out Brad’s Deals too! He’s so kind to offer such a cool giveaway!