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Why Are LIBERALS So Mean?

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

This past Friday was my girl Gates' birthday.  She turned 18!  A milestone birthday.  But she didn't want to go to school and share her joy with anyone.  She wanted to stay home and hide from her friends.  She felt ill at the thought of facing any of them.  Strange, for a social butterfly type kid.  I knew something was wrong.

Remember your teenage years?

It's not easy hanging out with friends who think & believe differently than you.  The Bible reminds us that we are to "love one another" even when we disagree.  I've tried to make that a life lesson a time or twenty while raising my kids.  Love people, even if you don't like what they are doing or saying.  

Sadly, that's not the same treatment my girl recieved when dealing with this particular group of friends.  They are ruthless and downright mean-spirited.  But, I'm not surprised!  This years election has brought out the claws in many people.  I don't know if you read or see the celeb twitter world at all…but during and after the election, the mean tweets were pretty disgusting!  What I'm finding is that this talk and behavior is seemingly normal among liberal thinking people.  Teen kids included.

How very sad.

I just can't understand it.  Why be so mean?  What good does it do anyone?  Even with the outcome of the Presidential election, liberal voters still choose to use mean comments and critical humor.  I can't even imagine where our world will be in just 10 more years.  People are throwing goodness and compassion right out the window…..just because of their political following.

I'm ashamed!

I did not vote for President Obama nor do I believe him to be the worthy candidate for the office of President.  However, I will not trash-talk him or call him names.  I will not bash his family or criticize his kids/wife and I certainly won’t tweet disgusting insults about him.  Too bad that isn’t the thinking of those on the democratic team.  It’s war!

I just have a message for those who think this kind of behavior is appropriate.  Take it or leave it.  These are my feelings.

Dear Mean One,

Before you open your mouth and shout insults at your friends or neighbors for voting for "the other guy", don't!  They have the same rights that you do.  This country is a democracy (a government by the people…).  Each of us have the opportunity to vote & live & have a say into how our country is managed.  Engaging in open hostility towards those who vote or see things differently than you is outrageous.  It's not only unkind….it's rude!

How would you like it if the table was turned?

Lucky for us (Americans), we have the choice to support the person we deem most appropriate for government offices.  If you disagree with the person next to you…WHO CARES?  Keep it to yourself.  It's not going to do anyone a bit of good if you blast them for it.  Matter of fact, it's going to cause friction and hurt feelings.  Unless that's what your intentions are….don't do it.  Being a jerk just makes you look unintelligent.

Be nice or go away.

If you are someone that takes a jab at other's for voting differently than you, rethink your actions.  Could you be a little kinder or use a better tactic?  Maybe skip the whole debate conversation altogether?  It's not bringing opposing teams together and it's absolutely not honoring God.  Be the better person and zip your lip.  Hurting a friend is not worth it.

1 Peter 2:17 Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor.