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Friday, February 3rd, 2012

I was missing yesterday. Not really, I was wandering all over one of the greatest cities in the world. Indianapolis! It’s no secret that the city is buzzin’ with excitement for this weekend’s BIG GAME! When I say it’s buzzing…..I mean it is on fire with WOW!!

I can only say good things about the city, the throngs of people and the activities going on there. Everything is top notch! If you’ve never experienced such an event–you must! It’s fantastic! The state of Indiana has so much to be proud of but this week of Super Bowl festivities will go down in history. Just wait and see.

My kids won tickets to the Jimmy Fallon show and the theatre is right down on Monument Circle. This is the backdrop (which is drawing huge crowds of people) we snapped a quick picture after standing in line for a little over an hour to pick up their tickets. Gates decided to dress “cute” which means half nekked so after freezing her toesies off we made a quick dash into the mall for REAL SHOES with SOCKS!!!

She only had 8 more hours of walking outside to go! So, it was worth it! Plus, boots were on sale and she needed a pair that were just hers. Sweet tactic Lucky girl! πŸ˜‰

This is the beautiful Hilbert Circle Theatre where JF taped his shows. It was such an exciting night for our kids. We DVR’d it but we couldn’t wait to watch and stayed up too late giggling at all the funny skits.

Here’s ME! Notice I’m standing on barracade debris? Yea, I’m short.

I bet you’ve heard about the Zipline down in the Super Bowl Village. It is a crazy success! It’s constantly sold out and the lines are FOREVER! For $10….it’s a great bargain and so much fun to watch!

With 100,000’s of people walking the streets, we ran into our own crew several times. It was crowded but the good kind of crowded.

See what I mean? Again, we bump into our kids having dinner at PF Changs. We were upstairs looking for dessert and they happened to be right under us. Fun times!

The city is wrapped up. Buildings, parking garages…anywhere there’s big open space you will find it wrapped with the Super Bowl logo. It looks so cool! I really wanted to get a picture of the hotel that lights up with XLVI but I was surrounded by tall buildings. πŸ™‚

I’ll be honest, THIS IS THE TEAM I’m rooting for! I just can’t turn my back on a good old Manning boy. It was pretty clear who the Hoosiers around town were cheering for as well. Everywhere I went it was heavily coated in NY Giants gear.

I’m ready for Sunday, are you? Have fun, friends!