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Married….To Jonas

Friday, September 14th, 2012

I'm not ashamed to admit how much I love the show Married to Jonas.  It is so much fun watching this sweet couple and their families.  Way back when, I was one of those "older" ladies that loved the Jonas Brothers music and message.  Not only were they cute young dudes that sang catchy tunes….they were loud and clear about WHO THEY BELONGED TO!


They were often ridiculed and made fun of (isn't that how society is?) for sticking close to their faith and not waivering on following all the yuck that the world has to offer.  They spoke out about being pure and waiting to have sex until they were married (haven't many others done that too?).  I admired them then and I still do today.  They are the best example of hanging in there and trusting Christ with all the cutdowns and jokes regarding being Christians.  In a rock-n-roll kind of world.


Last night, after my youngest punk had experienced one of those "rough" days.  We curled up on my bed and watched several episodes right after the other.  Which worked like the best therapy for all that wasn't right with the day.  By the time we headed to bed, we had laughed, cried and giggled about all the topics covered in their shows.



I love Dani & her family.  They remind me so much of my own…  Crazy and passionate about life.  Opinionated & annoying too.  I love Kevin's too.  They are all so open and genuine.

The show airs on Sunday nights and if you're familiar with the Jonas' family, you just might like it too.  It's hard to find clean viewing these days and you can be assured that nothing gross or crude is going down on Married to Jonas!  Oh and check out her wedding bling, I mean ring….it is a WOW!!!


This weekend, my hubby and I are celebrating 23 years of marriage.  I can't tell you how fast that time has flown by and how I love & appreciate him.  This morning as I left for work, he yelled, "Happy Anniversary EVE!".  This is his favorite trick to play on me—-that he doesn't know our actual anniversary date.

September 16, 1989

Good one, babe!