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My Turn

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Since Friday was my wedding anniversary, I managed to strut around like I was extra special all day. There’s just something about a day like your anniversary or birthday that makes you feel a little hot-shoddy! Ya know? Maybe it’s just me.

It was a sweet blessing to find my hubby’s post of twenty-two reasons why he loves me on Friday too. I love how generous he was with his reasons. He thinks of things I never do (he’s so smart). I never get tired of hearing how or why he thinks I’m so awesome! {Thanks Honey}  I think I’ll shoot for another 22 years of true love….it’s been worth it!

Imagine my surprise when during my first period class these arrived.

While they weren’t a gift from my hubby, they were a creative gift to share amongst fellow staff FOR 30 MINUTES each. Pretty cool idea, huh? I thought so too. It was a neat way to advertise and share the Homecoming love with our whole school staff. So fun!   (More reasons to love Friday’s)

Seriously, how great is this? Thank you to Kelley’s Florist in North Vernon for blessing the staff at JCHS. What a great way to put a smile on the faces of so many with one little flower arrangement! 😉

I loved my turn!!