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Get Outside & Play

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016


I’m from the generation whose Mom yelled, “Get outside & play!”. It was glorious! I would climb trees, build forts (I had many clubhouses AND YES, I WAS THE PRESIDENT!), ride my bike all over creation, hang out with friends….explore, picnic, swim, run barefoot, stub toes, catch my foot in the spokes, make up games and a million other fun activities. All because I had to and none of it killed me or ruined my life.

The truth is….it made me who I am today.


Did you know that Steve Jobs didn’t let his kids play with ipads? Interesting, huh? He didn’t want his kids sitting inside staring at a screen all day so he pushed them to go outside, read books or explore. Why? Because, he accounts his creativity to his own growing up time outside making up stuff to do and solving problems.

Every person is born with the capacity to grow. What we do with that capacity links directly to our surroundings. Imagine never interacting with the outside ever. You would certainly be able to survive but you’d miss out on a lot of important experiences.

Kids need to run free, they deserve to plant seeds and watch them grow. The outside comes naturally equipped with bakoodles of life lessons. Even if it’s just laying on the driveway drawing with chalk, the brain is growing. Playing outside also helps kids develop their large motor skills. Just as chubby fingers squished into scissors at pre-school helps with small motor skills. Every little part of this world has something very important to offer.

go out

I feel bad for kids today. Our society has become a place of handing the babies a smartphone and occupying them just for a moment of peace. I’ve heard it so many times, “He/She cries if I don’t give them my phone/ipad!”. Of course they do. Some think it’s impressive that little kids can use all the tech gadgets available today — not me. What’s impressive to me? Are kids that haven’t lost their sense of wonder. Kids who can create their own fun by building something (not on a computer or screen) with their own hands. Or kids who run themselves so tired that they crash and burn after supper and a bath.

It’s going to be a sad day when we realize that sending our kids out to play was an important part of teaching them to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!

So, what are you waiting for? Get outside & play! Oh, and take your kids with you! Our future depends on it!

kids don't

PS- My kids, played outside and loved it.