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Extreme Parent(s)

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Everyday that I spend [home] safely surrounded by my precious kids, I’m reminded just how blessed I am.

When I turn on the tv…..I see the sickening news of parents suffering. The Lauren Spierer case is still unsolved and the searches continue everyday in Bloomington Indiana (a measely hour & 1/2 from my house). A town that my son lives in and a college that my son attends, just like Lauren! It’s ripping my heart apart watching these parents plead for help and answers to where she is.

Someone knows. Please tell.

If that weren’t enough “mom worry”….tune into the many talking-heads analyzing the very sick Casey Anthony case. I’m beyond being nice about this girl. I can’t believe she has the show of a lifetime going on in MY COUNTRY!!! Why? Why is she aloud to carry on in this circus of show called a trial? The whole case is a horror and she is the cause of it. The evidence and the lies……it just goes on and on.

{please do not even get me started on the people (sickos) fighting in line to get into see her fiasco disturbing case in the courtroom!!!}


You have two families. One, dying inside to find their sweet girl. The other, lying-twisting-conniving-cheating her way to her own selfish freedom. The world knowing that she is the reason her baby is gone.

You alone know the truth. You alone can heal a broken heart. You can bring both cases to an end. I plead on behalf of both families…..reveal the truth and set them all free.

If you knew something about a missing person…..would you tell someone? My heart is having a real struggle with why someone wouldn’t. Oh the ache of not knowing. I will continue to pray for the Spierer’s. Won’t you?


Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

As a parent…that word is not one you’d want to hear associated with one of your children. For Lauren Spierer’s family it’s the new word describing their beautiful girl. She was last seen early Friday morning (around 4:30am) leaving a party with friends. She was walking home to her apartment not far away. In the sleepy little college town of Bloomington, Indiana.

What boggles my mind is that she’s been walking the same streets as my son. She may have sat in the very same class with him at some time or another. IU is a very large school but B-town is a homey fun town that crawls with excitement and people all hours of the day and night.

She shouldn’t have just vanished. Someone knows where she is and I pray they come forward immediately. Help this family find their precious girl. Now.

My heart is torn to pieces thinking of her and what could be. May God bring her home safely….very soon!

Dear Lord
Your power is neverending. I plead for direction for the many searching for Lauren. Lead them to her and do it soon. My prayer is that she’s safe and will soon be back with her friends and family. God, nothing is impossible with you.