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Day 3: PUSH ON, GIRL – It’s Wifey Wednesday

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016


What’s so special about a Wednesday? If you’re like me, probably not a lot. Other than it marks the half-way point in a busy or perhaps mundane week. I mean, it is known as hump day after all. Everybody’s just tryin’ to survive, right?

Just to show you how serious I am about this love and romance challenge, I’m going to name all the Wednesday’s in February Wifey Wednesday. Each week, I’m going to focus heavily on making my husband’s world spin a little faster with what I learn out there in marriage land. Through some sweet….


I read a lot of different blogs and some of my favorites are the ones that focus on marriage. God bless them. Talking love stuff can be so awkward. Many of the bloggers do a great job of writing quality posts while throwing in the perfect amount of humor. Because, marriage is funny.

The real challenge for today is to spice things up with some holy relationship blog reading. Follow the links that interest you the most or read them all. I wouldn’t post anything that’s inappropriate or x-rated ever. But, I’ll warn you…these blogs do write about ESS-EEE-EXX! So, shew! Go! Get to reading.

Bye, Felicia!

The Dating Divas

Hot, Holy & Humorous

The Generous Husband

Happy Wives Club

To Love, Honor and Vacuum

And if you’re looking for some ideas for stay-at-home date ideas:

Fulfilling Your Vows

Intimacy Ideas from Dating Divas

Physical affection

Unveiled Wife

Now, what in the heck are you supposed to do? Well, my hope is that somewhere in your blog reading you found out you’re normal. That your marriage is normal and that every person experiences many of the same hang-ups and disasters. It’s a good thing to explore ways to make your relationship its healthiest.

you love

Wifey Wednesday might become your new favorite day of the week.

make her