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Going My Weigh?

Monday, November 26th, 2012

I'm a little nervous.  Today is the big WEIGH IN for the staff weight loss group.  I do not want the number "out there".  I know its vicinity but somehow I've convinced my brain that if I don't say it or share it….I can pretend I don't actually weigh it.

Know what I'm sayin?

How did this happen to me?  I bet every single woman that's picked up a few pounds over her lifetime has asked the very same question.  Just yesterday (and I have pictures, dangit!) I was skinny and tiny.  Now, I have to buy different sizes and wear clothes to hide my pesky little imperfections.  It's exhausting!

It's also depressing!

I'm not going to wallow there.  I've been doing that long enough.  It's time to get off my butooskie and do something about it.  Getting in shape isn't going to happen by eating whatever I want and sitting around.  Like the good ole days!  I have to get physical and I cannot eat everything I love.

I'm the master of excuses, so behold…..I'll just tell you straight up, I think I might have a knee problem.  It flairs up when I least expect it and recently, walking up and down my staircase at home has been tricky.  Curse you, 46 year old body! Another thing, I'm getting concerned that my ticker is in poor condition too.  I seem to be racing along after only going up and down the stairs and getting the dog out of her kennel.  Oh glory, please don't fail me….old shell of a body.  Hang on, just a little longer.  I promise, I'll treat you better.

I thought I'd share a few of my NEW WAYS OF LIVING that are my strategies for losing a few pounds and getting in better shape.  Ready?


Fruits & Veggies every meal with a protein.

VERY limited sweets.  Only rarely will these touch my lips!  Swear, y'all!


Limited white foods:  Flour, bread, rice, potato & cream sauce.  I can do it!

Low amounts of sugars.  I mean it!

Fish.  2-4 times a week.

Exercise:  Walking, exercise vid's, jog walking combo, jazzercise, playing on the wii.

I know this is all stuff I should be doing and some of it I do occasionally.  I'm just not going to be a fluff bunny any longer and ignore the changes that I must make daily in order to get the results I'm dreaming of.  What are those, you ask?

I'm not trying to lose a bajillion pounds (which in my case feels like a bajillion) I would, however…love to lose about 20-25 pounds.  I'd also like to tone up and tighten all that seems to be jiggly now.  (Toni, if you're reading…..pray for me, girl)  You know I'm a skinny person, inside.  Now I just have to retrain my habits and figure out how to feed my hungry family without caving in and eating all that they can eat.

Can I do it?  I'll let you know friends.  I will be posting a chubby picture because I've hit the point of hiding out from all photographs.  Coming soon, I promise.