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27 Hours

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

I've done a lot of stupid things in my life.  Some might be of the opinion…that I'm a natural at it.  This weekend, I jumped off the deep end of dummy and took my beloved iphone with me out on a boat.  On a lake, with deep water and rockin waves.  Now, before you get all…..ooooh, bad idea lady.  Don't.  

For I am a responsible phone owner.

Matter of fact, I get teased constantly about all the layers of cell phone protection I have on my phone.  God bless the makers of the Ballistic case!  It's not just one case…it's like, three!  It literally has three different pieces of protection.  Perfect for people like me.  I'm clumsy and forgetful.  Sometimes I set it down in strange places, like my lap while I'm driving.  Then, I get out of my car and out on the parking lot it falls.  Nothing can penetrate three layers of hard bouncy rubber Ballistic beauty.

Except, falling off of a rocking boat and into 45 foot deep water.  That triple layered safety case?  It's heavy and sinks like a lead bowling ball.  Yep, straight to the bottom of Lake Monroe not too far from John Mellancamp's cute little home on the water.  I saw it all happen.  It fell right in front of me.  I don't think I'll ever get that KAPLOOK! sound out of my memory.  It was sickening!

What's even sadder, is that it was my friend's hubby who knocked it in.  He was pretty upset and I couldn't even think about the phone because I knew he was probably fighting a bit of turmoil in his own heart.  Accidents happen.  He didn't do it on purpose.  It was in the wrong place (my fault) at the wrong time!

Boo, for both of us.  Time kind of stood still.  Who knew what to say?  It was just one of those things.  Sad, regretful…awful moments that you wish never happened.  But it did.

The big question….did I have insurance?  Absolutely not!  That would be way too intelligent of me.  I enjoy living on the edge of danger and that's the price you pay for doing so.   I mean why insure a phone?  Nothing's gonna happen!!?  Uhh, no comment!

For the rest of that night, I tossed and turned.  I prayed.  I scoured the internet.  I knew what Verizon was going to say and even sent a Verizon employee friend an email asking for advice.  Replacing it with them was around $850.  Be still my heart!  She suggested I get busy and watch Craigslist.  Really?  I'm a little wary of scams on Craigslist.  I have some sort of radar that directs me to all the loonies!  But, I HAD NO DANG PHONE!!

I went through all the listings for Verizon phones nearby (when I say, nearby…that means within a couple hours drive from my house).  I must have clicked on 30 iphone ads.  Most of them were busted, broken and had words like locked or clean ESN.  My favorite, TRADE ONLY!!  Whaaaa?


I couldn't help but fall into a pit of despair.  My mind started playing tricks on me and all I could think about was how perfect my iphone was.  It didn't have a scratch.  Every touch that it had ever felt came from my own little grubby fingers.  It was the best phone in the world.  Now, it was dead on the bottom of a dirty muddy lake.  Who deserved that fate?  See, how the crazy was starting to set in?

I sent two different sellers a message.  Both were offering to sell NEW iphones still in the box for $300.  If they weren't cheating lying scammers, anyway.  Within a few minutes, one of them responded.  We emailed back and forth, me asking questions and then trying my best to read between the lines of all his answers.  I'll call it my SCAM MONITOR!  Listen, the way I see it…I've already stepped off into a costly mistake with this "phone in the water" incident.  I cannot afford to get ripped off!

I'm leaving for a mini vacay in less than 2 weeks, dangit!  I want to be able to eat out or something while I'm gone!

So, very long story short.  I agree to meet the Craigslist killer seller an hour away from home and make the purchase.  Pending all was cool with Verizon!  He agreed and off we went.  We met at a Sams Club parking lot (you know, busy with shoppers) and they were legit normal people.  Thank you Jesus!   Hubby took the perfect looking iphone to the car and called Verizon….I talked to the nice young couple who were selling it for her best friend and within minutes hubby handed me my new cellphone.  

So, 27 hours after I'd witnessed my hot pink darlin' fly through the air and land in the lake of no return and $300 dollars later….I was back among the world of communication.  The lesson?

Ballistic needs to make a flotation device to go with all those layers of protection on their cases!   No, just kidding.  Don't take your precious prized iphone on a boat without some sort of waterproof protection.  EVER!

The End!