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The Old Double Standard

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Me & my big mouth….LOOK OUT!

I'm trying not to get involved with all the political name-calling.  It's really hard for me to keep my opinion to myself.  I'm not one to keep my conservative belief's quiet, I easily blab them for the world.  But seriously, I don't understand the outlandish thinking that intelligent people participate in when it comes to blasting women.

Why is it ok for liberal's to call women names?

I'm admittedly the strongest voice against such gross human behavior like Bill Maher and his "comedy" show.  His filthy "humor" is disgusting and harmful.  Women who laugh alongside him and his cohorts confound me.  How can saying crude and ignorant comments about a conservative leader (Sarah Palin) and her daughter (Bristol) be okay?  It's garbage.  And they aren't his only targets.  He loves to point out the ridiculousness of Christianity too.  He's a religion basher.

Oh and he never apologizes for his mouth vomit!  Because HE'S SO FUNNY! Oh of course, he's a comedian.  Please!  Wake up, world!  

So on the right, let's have Mr. Consevative talk show host Rush Limbaugh blurt out the "slut" word about a woman and KATIE BAR THE DOOR!!  He has since apologized and has tried to explain his thinking and yet that's not quite good enough.  I'm baffled.  Double standard?  Uhh, possibly.  But then again, I am one of those dumb hillybilly's that Maher keeps tweeting about from the south.

President Obama called Ms. Fluke and played recovery advocate for mean ole Rush (of course from the Democratic side of fence, ya know?).  

Hello?  Aren't we ALL Americans?

Hmmm, guess he's not interested in calling any conservative gals up who've been raked over the hate coals by Mr. Maher and others.   Strange how these things unfold, huh?

Bristol Palin blogged this week about waiting for a call from the President.  She also posted a video with a few snippets of the slanderous gack that gets tossed out at women who vote/believe conservatively.  It's a must watch–but beware, the language is dicey and the laughs are few (if you're a woman who finds this awful).

I'm not interested in calling people names.  Matter of fact, it's disgraceful.  But honestly, that seems to be the methodology of all who disagree with you.  Just call them a name.  That'll get em!


One (I hope of many) Sick Of It, Lady!


Think I'm just being a whiney conservative?  Here's some more "comments" made by careless folks with a microphone!  Who else is sick of the double standard?