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Better People

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

I've spent the morning walking all around one of the most beautiful yards in Indiana.  The gardens are full of every flower and plant known to this area.  I kept finding myself thinking, "Is anyone else taking the time to enjoy all of this?".  Ms. Sandy (my lovely host) is a busy lady.  I was passenger to just a tid-bit of her life yesterday.  Everywhere she goes, she stomps on the gas of her SUV…I can only describe it as being similar to riding on a rollercoaster at Six Flags because this lady flies and the roads around here…..are long and winding!  Weeeeeeeeee!

I've been a guest here since Tuesday and not one minute of my stay has been boring.  I think I've mentioned they live in the middle of nowhere.  It took about 30 minutes to get to "town" yesterday (which was West Lafayette).  The land just goes and goes all around but the beauty and excitement goes even further.  

If you can't find a place to park it and soak up God's goodness around here…then you are not looking very hard.  Everywhere you turn, there's something beautiful.  It is a sight to behold.

I can't imagine living in such a beautiful place and sharing it with the many (like the Hageman's do) friends and family.  I can see they have figured out some very important values in life.  Love people.  Love them for who they are and what God is doing in their lives.  Bring them in, allow them to shine, enjoy the moments you share and send them away BETTER PEOPLE than when they arrived.

For every trail in life…leads to something wonderful.  If you're watching carefully, you might just find the ones God places in your path are there to teach you something.  


Your works are amazing.  You bless me with such tender blessings.  Thank you for new friends and fun times.  My heart is full and I know it all comes from you.