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I Appreciate Men

Saturday, May 30th, 2015

Men are pretty fascinating, if you stop and think about it. I mean, after all….God did create man first and I’m almost positive it was because He had grand expectations for him (Duh, hello? Adam). He equipped men with a myriad of wonderful attributes, some of which are totally worth noting.

It’s all about you -> GUYS <- here at the kingdom.

I appreciate men because …


Manual Labor

Men are generally cool with hard work. Women are too (I suppose) but I’m really glad that it’s not up to me to get out and bust it to provide for my family. I don’t have to do hard physical work to put food on the table or gas in my nice car. I picked oranges with my family as a teenager growing up. It was labor, I’m not cut out for every day labor. Thank you, men. Thank you, God. You made a real big deal when you put those muscles on men.


Face Shaving

Look, this is almost baffling to me….but, men SHAVE THEIR FACE! Think about that for a second. Can you imagine shaving your face? Uhm, not me! I am so glad that the testosterone prickly hair growth is on HIS face and not mine! I wouldn’t be very good at doing that over & over everyday on my face. (Thank you, men) Need I remind you how lazy women can be about their armpits and legs? Yea, that.


Easily Fascinated

This one, oh…this one! Men are really easily intrigued by life and all it’s happenings around them. They examine, think on and try every which way to figure stuff out. I like that. It’s very attractive. It says to me, “I have a brain and I’m not afraid to use it!”. For you mama’s of little boys: Let them try stuff out. Encourage your boys to think and figure. It’s how they learn.


Women Pleasers

This one isn’t what you think but they are interested in that too. Men are very much in to making the women in their lives happy. They thrive on praise from the babes they love. How many times in your life have you had a guy SHOW OFF for you? Probably many. It’s because they want to see you LIKE THEM! It makes them happy.

Willing Participants

I really give my mother-in-law credit here for this one and I know not all men soar high on this attribute but…I can pretty much get my hubby to do just about anything (except eat cheese products)! Most men are ready and willing to do whatever task or schemey plan we chicks hatch up. I can get my hubby to build stuff, buy whatever and go wherever I dream up. Men are adventurers by nature and this just tickles my fancy!

your chariot

Loving Protectors

I never feel afraid when my hubby is around. I KNOW HE IS GOING TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO PROTECT ME! He may feel fear but if he does, he never lets on that he does to me. He is dedicated to protecting me and our family. This comes naturally for most men and I am grateful that it isn’t up to me to fight or defend my family (not that I can’t or wouldn’t shoot you if you came at me, bad guy) I like being loved enough that someone would lay down their life or fight like wild to save me. Don’t you?


Strong Leader

Men were designed by God to head the household. HE specifically designed them to lead and guide the family they loved for a reason. It’s not the wife’s job, or the in-laws or anyone else for that matter. Men are completely held responsible for the well-being, provision and spiritual condition of their families. Whew! Again, I’m glad for that and sorry for the many times I tried to step in and do his job. Wrongo bongo, girl! I’m a better me when I’m doing MY role and not his!


They Pack Stuff

I know, there are some men who just ditch out on this one but for the good ones who get out there and hustle, this is for you! Men who pack the car, truck or wagon….BOOM! YOU ROCK! There’s not anything my hubby will not handle when it comes to packing junk up. It can be a trip, a load from Lowe’s or even moving! Men are great at packing up our lives and helping our hearts adjust to what’s ahead. Some may call it dirty work but for men..they are just doing the stuff they have to – to protect their wives from the burden she may feel for whatever reason. Thank you, men.

2013-12-13 16.59.15

Logical Thinkers

Come on now, girls. You know, we do not always think things through. We are often so hopped up on our EMOTIONS that we react in ways that we mostly end up regretting. Men, stop and think it out. They like to SOLVE problems, remember? If you’ve ever needed a shirt or a dress, then you know they are conquerors. Let’s get in and get out, right? I’m not going to lie, I’ve been annoyed at some of the thought out decisions of my hubby…but I am thankful that he doesn’t just react like I do. Otherwise, life would be a little bit crazy for us if he did. Two thinking like me, NOT GOOD!


Dad’s are like superheros! To a kid, their dad is the mightiest person on the earth. When dad’s misuse their authority over their kids, they destroy all the super power they’ve been entrusted with (IMHO). Men have a very important role in the lives of their kids. No one else is as amazing as DAD. He can throw them in the air, he can catch them when they fall and he can hold them when they’re hurting. He is a safe place and he probably has no idea just how powerful he is in the life of his children. Thank you, Dads!!


They Fix Stuff

Aren’t you glad you don’t have to keep everything running around your house? You don’t have to fix your car’s alternator (unless you’re a mechanic, I suppose) or climb up on a high ladder to paint the shutters (unless that’s your thing) and you probably don’t have to keep charge of all the power tools and the jobs that go with them. I would be in some big trouble if I had to fix all the broken down stuff! Men love to fix what’s broken. It’s a testosterone thing. Grunt grunt! Thank you, men.


I realize, not all men are good at all the attributes I mentioned. Some hate hard work, some can’t fix a darned thing, others fall short at being the dad their kids need….or hate working around the house. Still, men are pretty spectacular don’t you think?

It’s not our job to fix them or fine tune them to what we think is right or appropriate. It’s our job to love them and encourage them to be THE MAN GOD WANTS THEM TO BE! The best man that they can be with what they’re made of. I bet you didn’t know….your man can only be as good as you allow him to be.

Did you?

What do you love about the men in your lives?