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Who Loves Ricky?

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

It’s no secret, some people are hard to love. Even me. Especially me. I fall hard into the unlovable category, in case you didn’t know. Today, it’s my turn to love someone who needs it. His name is Ricky.

He drums his fingers loudly on the desk and he blurts out odd words at inopportune times. He’s often wearing the same clothes for days at a time and he looks pretty messy everyday. But, he wants my attention. Even if it’s negative.

Most times, I give it to him. Oh yea, I ride his case. Pushing and pushing him to stay focused, to get back on task. I give him the same worksheets over and over. He loses everything. In my mind, I can’t understand why Ricky can’t just do his work. And turn it in. In one piece.


See, take a peak inside my heart. It’s flawed and smeared with little bits of yuck! I have this idea that everything and everyone has to be perfect. It’s a terrible weakness. I pray for God to make me more pliable and accepting.

Especially with the Ricky’s of the world.

Who do you need to love today?