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Shiny New Walls

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013


What a weekend!  It consisted of a little demolition and put back together mixed in with a lot of painting and tons of measuring & nailing.  All weekend long.

It was awesome!

My hubby is the man!  He worked like a boss the entire time trying to make our house look "sell"able.  I love everything we've done so far.

The focus was in the kitchen and stairwell.  The ceiling had to be painted and since it's pretty high up in spots….I helped by standing on the ladder anytime hubby had to stretch across to those far away spots.  Worth it.  The walls & ceilings look so much better.  I'm calling it 4 ibuprofen level work.

While he was up and down on ladder….I did a little surfing on the internet for some ideas for our ancient ugly bar.  I've hated the one we've had there from the day we moved in.  The internet is so helpful, huh?  I found just what I was looking for and pretty soon I'll post pictures of the finished project.  I'm so excited!

I may never want to move.

Today, the Amish are putting on our new roof.  I can't wait to see how it looks and I'm even happy to write the check since it's considerably much lower than all the other quotes I recieved.  Why do home repairs have to cost so much?

Isn't it funny how we live with stuff we don't like for years and then go crazy when we realize we have to sell?

Home should be a place we love, all the time.

More photos of house updates coming soon.  (I know, you are sitting on the edge or your seat..right?)