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Ministry Fail

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

I’ve been talking with a friend who’s smack dab in the middle of a church problem. It brings up so many painful memories of what my own family experienced a few years back. I feel the punch in my gut with every little issue she shares. I can’t help but feel that same hopeless confused emotion….all over again.

I wish I had an explanation for why these things happen. But, I don’t. People are human and they act like it. Especially, Christians. While one would think they behave with some form of restraint, that’s not always the case. The mind-boggling reasons for asking a pastor to leave catch us by surprise or shock us.

But does it shock God?

I don’t believe it does. He sees right past our facade of pretend. He knows the depth of our hearts and He sees the dirty black we hide there. It’s never a surprise when we reveal something painful or ugly….He’s aware even if we think we have it tucked securely away. He sees. He is El Roi (the God who sees, Genesis 16:6). There is no place God can’t see. There is no situation He cannot discern.

Sadly, the wounded left in the wake of such pain aren’t always okay. It changes everything. It alters how you feel about yourself and certainly the way other’s look at you. You become a sort of walking wounded. Almost like you have a Scarlet letter stamped on your life. It robs you of your peace, satan beats you up for every weakness and when no one supports you or stands behind you….you begin to believe all the hoopla that is said about you.

Even though…it’s not true or exaggerated!

What is our role in supporting pastors? How can you and I do what God expects of us when those around us are demanding HE GO? I’ve thought about this many times and I know without a shadow of a doubt, I WILL NOT BE A PART OF PASTOR/MINISTRY ABUSE! EVER! If I don’t like someone, it isn’t my job to run them off. If he is out of sorts with his theology or misleading his flock that is something to be addressed (in a Christlike manner). If I just don’t enjoy his sermons or think his wife does enough for the church….too bad! That’s God’s job to handle, not mine!

Petty meanness and witch hunting for problems is out and out wrong. Any Christian participating in that will face God and have to answer for it. Scripture is clear about loving one another and supporting those in leadership. Justifying your actions with bogus complaints will not cut it when faced with a Holy God. He will be our final judge.

I’ll close this sad post down with names. These are names of people I KNOW PERSONALLY who have suffered at the hands of hurtful members of the flock. Some are young, some are old…all are forever changed by what someone did to them in the name of Jesus Christ.

Susan Ben Wes Danny Bert Marilyn Randy Dustin Tanner Cody Cheryl …

I could continue with the list but I won’t. You get the picture. Pray for them and the ones facing judgement everyday by the ones they are loving and serving. You never know when it might be you.