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20 Ways To Be Happy On Monday

Monday, September 10th, 2012

A few weeks ago, I was riding along with my youngest girl to pick up her babysitting kids from school.  Not only was it was hot & sticky… was a Monday! The kids jumped in, buckled up and off we went.  I was asking everyone how the day had gone when the youngest, Charlie said, "Ahh, it was Monday!  I hate Monday's!".  I couldn't help but sympathize with the little guy as it had really been a long miserable day for me too.  But instead of letting it whip us both, I decided to change things up a bit.

I told Charlie….."I'm changing the name of Monday!  It's now only allowed to be called FUNDAY!".  He smiled so big and I couldn't help but laugh along with him!  From that moment on, we giggled and joked about all the ways Funday's are good!  Attitudes, adjusted!

It's all in how you look at it, friends.

20 Ways To Be Happy On Monday (FUNDAY)


2)  Eat your favorite food

3)  Wear your cutest outfit

4)  Hold your kiss 5 extra seconds, then wink as you part ways

5)  Write a sweet note to some unsuspecting someone

6)  Go outside & marvel at God's world

7)  Watch the sunrise or sunset

8)  Go for a swim or sit in a hottub (all alone)

9)  Call an old friend

10)  Read a good book

11)  Ride your bike or take a walk

12)  Listen to music

13)  Clean out a drawer or cabinet that's been bugging you

14)  Change your routine

15)  Make a smoothie

16)  Journal your thoughts

17)  Play a game

18)  Try a new recipe

19)  Pray

20)  Be grateful

See, don't you feel happy already?

It's not always easy to feel chipper on Monday.  The way I see it, Monday has a way of ruining a perfectly good weekend!  It's almost like you just get started enjoying the weekend and boom, it's over.  Maybe you have your own coping methods for the work-week.  Whatever it is, try something new to make it a FUNDAY!  You just may make someone else's day fun too!