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50 Things to Teach My Daughters

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

1.  YOU are absolutely unique.  God created only one – you.  Be yourself, it will always draw people to you.

2.  Beauty comes from the inside.  Don't fall for what the media calls beauty.  God made you in HIS IMAGE.  Don't compare yourself to anyone else.  You are beautiful as you are.

3.  Nothing you will ever do…..can make me stop loving you.

4.  Read your Bible and pray, everyday.  God's Word is alive and active. (Hebrews 4:12)

5.  Friends will make you or break you.  Always surround yourself with great people.  Decide to be the kind of friend you wish for.

6.  Never be afraid to try.  Staying stuck in neutral will never move you forward.  Step out and take a chance.

7.  Don't whine & complain.  Nothing is more unattractive in a person and it shows you're NOT willing to solve your own problems. 

8.  When life beats you up (and it will!), don't feel sorry for yourself.  Be tough and do something nice FOR SOMEONE ELSE!  You'll be surprised at how empowering it is and what a great reminder of HOW BLESSED you really are.

9.  Never forget, someone is always watching you!  Be the kind of woman that honors God at all times.  You might be surprised at how God is using your life to change someone else's.

10.  Read good books.  You will never regret learning something new or traveling somewhere while still wearing your pj's.  Plus, reading is the best brain food!

11.  Dress up, every chance you get.  There's something powerful in looking your best and showing the world.  Besides, fashion is a love language!

12.  Know your worth.  It isn't just a saying, scripture says YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN RUBIES!  (Proverbs 31:10)  Don't let anyone treat you less than your true worth.

13.  Forgive.  Even when they are not sorry.  It's been proven that unforgiveness only hurts the one witholding it.  Don't hold back letting go of that kind of poisoning.

14.  Marry someone who is fun to be around.  It's important that you can laugh together.  Trouble will come your way and it's a good idea to have someone who can find the good in every situation.

15.  Be honest & trustworthy.  Your word will follow you everywhere you go.  If you are a liar….it will catch up with you.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.

16.  Sleep on the best sheets.  Face it, you were raised on them.  You can't possibly learn to go backwards now.  It's okay if some call you a sheet snob!

17.  Step out of your comfort zone, here & there.  Be willing to bend every now and then to someone else's desire.  It's not that horrible to go camping or see a movie that's not on your list.  Consider it…..stretching yourself.

18.  You are in charge of your own happiness.  Don't put that responsibility onto others.  It's your job to be happy!

19.  BE NICE to everyone (especially strangers).  It only takes a second to show someone else loving-kindness.  You never know what they are going through.  Trust me on this one!

20.  Keep a journal.  Write down what is in your heart.  You'll love looking back and seeing how much you've grown.

21.  Love animals.  If you ever want to experience unconditional love….get a pet.  They don't know hate or rejection.  They only know YOU ARE AMAZING!

22.  Recognize the beauty all around you.  God made a world that is off the charts exciting.  Enjoy it and be thankful TO HIM for it.

23.  Work hard, everyday.  Give your very best in everything you do.  Half-hearted attempts will deliver crummy results.  Don't forget to rest too.

24.  Treat yourself to something delicious at least once a week.  

25.  Call your parents.  Your mom misses you everyday and your dad will stop heaven & earth to help you no matter how old you get.  He's super soft about his girls.

26.  Marry someone who opens your car door, drops you off at the door of your fave stores and takes you to restaurants that you love more than he does.  That's a man to have babies with too.  HE THINKS VERY HIGHLY OF YOU!!

27.  Use good communication skills in every situation; at home, work & in social circles.  It saves a lot of misunderstandings.

28.  Go somewhere new.  Travel, take off on excursions.  Nothing teaches you more about life than different cultures.  Hey, everybody doesn't have a Sonny's BBQ…remember?

29.  Never be ashamed of who you are in Christ Jesus.  You are a child of God.  Live outloud for Him.  You will never regret it.

30.  Always listen to good music.  A song can heal your heart, bring a smile to your face and fill your heart with goodness.  Don't be afraid to sing as loud as you can either.

31.  Kiss the one you love.  It's like therapy.

32.  Don't put money in a spot of worship.  Having it….can be awesome.  But don't let it rule your joy and happiness.  Always thank God for what you have.

33.  Don't let anyone talk trash about your family.  Ever.

34.  Pay attention to details.  Believe it or not, its the little things that make us happy.

35.  Say thank you when someone does something nice for you.  It's a privilege to be loved by others.  Write it down and send it — if you have to.

36.  Brush your teeth and floss every single day.  You will thank me for this when you're older and paying for your own dental work.

37.  Get out and exercise.  Sitting around and being lazy will surely soften all that you hold dear.  Tone it up, girl!

38.  Buy good shoes.  Spend a little more for real leather and make sure they look good too!

39.  Visit with your siblings.  Growing up together means you have instant best friends.  Treat that relationship with care.  Someday, your dad & I will be gone….you'll only have each other.  Cherish it.

40.  Go to church.  Knowing what you know about that world can be a little daunting but that's not how God wants it.  He meant for us to gather with others and worship.  Find a church that loves one another and strives to please Christ not self.

41.  Make your home a reflection of you.  Even if it's not a fancy palace, make it warm and inviting.

42.  Choose a man who is strong.  Goodness knows, he's going to need it to handle loving you.  Your dad is one of the strongest men I know.

43.  Be the first to help someone in need.  Don't wait to see who will help when you can do something right then.  You weren't raised that way.

44.  Follow the recipe when learning to cook, it will help you know how to create your own good foods someday.

45.  Don't be a know-it-all.  No one likes them.  Be smart and sit on it when you're tempted to show it off.

46.  Smile at everyone.  Your face is never ugly when it's smiling. 

47.  Be teachable.  See #45.  You really don't know everything!  Be willing to learn from others.  It's amazing what they know.

48.  Drive however long it takes to get to the beach.  The ocean holds power (God made it) and your heart needs to experience it as often as possible.  Let the sun shine on your pretty face.

49.  Don't waste time worrying.  It robs you of peace & joy that you can't ever get back.  Trust God….He is always working.

50.  Pay your bills, be responsible for your actions and say you are sorry when you mess up.


My girls are all grown up now. They’ve picked the men God created just for them to love and cherish for life. I couldn’t be more proud! They’ve filled my life with love & laughter, memories that I’ll cling to forever. My prayer is that they know without a shadow of a doubt, I AM THEIR BIGGEST FAN! I will cheer them on in this grown up life they live and I will always, always be their mom. The one they can run to when the world threatens their joy & peace.

I will never get over, being picked to be their mom!

Do you have daughters that need to hear something important from you?