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31 Days — Positive Attitude (Days 12, 13 & 14)

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Ok, ok….I know.  I missed Day 12!  But I have some excellent excuses.  1) I was traveling the long journey back to Indiana from Texas.  If you've ever had to catch a very early morning flight in a town you're not familiar with, then you know how stressful that can be.  I had to be up at 4:20am and packed to begin the long race of a day!  2)  Internet and blogging are kind of tricky when you're in and out of airports.  Nothing was easy, so blogging took a back seat.  3)  It was also my birthday!  So, I gave myself a break (even though…traveling on an airplane isn't an actual break)!

I'm happy to be back home but I will forever miss that wonderful bed that I slept in while in Texas.  It was amazing!  This morning, I woke up with a krink in my neck!  Didn't have that in Texas!  Weird!

Since I arrived back home last night, I've done 9 loads of laundry, swept & mopped the floors, cleaned out the disgusting fridge, washed a ton of dishes, cleaned the bathroom toilet & sink, washed both dogs, cooked a few meals, dumped all the garbage, bought a fat cart full of groceries & put them away and watched my baby's scary Ghost Walk skit downtown!

Attitude shmattitude!  I'm on fire!

Oh and if you're wondering……no, no one offered to pitch in on any of those jobs!  

Life, is back to normal!   wink

It came to me today, you know…while I was doing my chores.  HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUR ATTITUDE IN CHECK WHEN THE ONES AROUND YOU ARE HAVING A BAD ATTITUDE?

Apparently, there are some great ways to handle this.  Wanna know how?  Ok!

Don't take it personally.

Resist the urge to assume.

Act instead of react.

Keep yourself positive.

Ignore negative comments.

Point out the positive!

I've experienced firsthand the brunt of someone else's bad attitude.  I've jumped right in and tangoed where I didn't belong.  It never turns out pretty.  So, take my advice…even if you're really offended or crushed by someone else's jerky tude–don't fall for it!

Keep smiling, sister!  Keep on smiling!