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It’s Furrever

Monday, February 4th, 2019

Here we go! It’s negative 2 today in Bozeman, Montana and I’m busy potty-training our new baby boy! He is precious! Can you imagine trying to learn this big boy lesson in the deep snow and below freezing temps? He’s a trooper! No accidents! So far….

We practiced the kennel with him a few times yesterday after bringing him home from his little farm boy life. He loved it! At bedtime last night we put him in the kennel and he settled right into his warm bed and fell fast asleep. NOT A PEEP! ALL NIGHT LONG!


It doesn’t hurt that he’s 7 weeks old and already in love with that fuzzy blanket! He’s snuggled up with it right now as I’m typing. It’s a big hit!

He loves going outside! Even as cold as it is….he will run and play as if it’s normal to do that in the dead of winter in Montana! When he’s finished with the snow, he runs to the door! Little smartie!

Don’t ask what we’re going to do in just a few months when he is bigger than me. He is going to be a moose! Look at these feet!

I won’t even bother telling you how soft and velvety his fur is because I know you can almost feel it just from the photos. He’s a hunk!

He’s just perfect!

He’s just what we needed and at exactly the right time. Even though potty-training in winter ain’t for the faint of heart. He is our sweet little guy and as much as I want to smother him, he sort of chooses my hubby over me. And I’m not even jealous!

The puppy days are hard work. We haven’t had one in many years. The time will be more than worth it once he’s a big boy and knows his limits. Labs are smart, sweet and the best all-around family pet. Having him is going to be a very special addition to our whole family.

Welcome home, Beck! We love you already!

Dogs Rule

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

We’re a little like a moth to a flame when it comes to rash decisions. My kids are no exception. Last week while I was off slaving away at work, two of my kids thought it would be a great idea to visit the humane society. You, ok WE cannot do stuff like that. We’re too soft!

Here’s what happens—>



Her name is Gracie and she’s super sweet! And a busy little puppy that needs lots of attention and care. Gavin is now referring to himself as a single father and seeking out all help and compensation that “those less fortunate” might qualify for. (Not that single parents aren’t worthy of help) But he’s parenting a pup….not a child! 😉

The weekend has gone pretty well with a new baby in the house. She’s kennel trained (thanks dog pound folks) and actually sleeps very quietly all night long with no crying and howling! Halleluia! She is playful and loves to snuggle. I think the funniest thing about her has been training her to GO THROUGH A DOORWAY and UP OUR STAIRCASE! She was pretty leary of both….she would slam on the brakes and look at them like they were secret portals into the abyss. Such funny moments!

I’m now battling a major sore throat in which I will be sharing with 1600+ people this week since I had to take off sick on Friday. Sorry, everybody! I just feel guilty calling in again. I feel cruddy! Darn it! But I’m pretty psyched about another MANNING boy playing in the Super Bowl!

Let’s go Giants….Indy is ready for ya!!

PS-My daughter’s boyfriend won tickets to the Jimmy Fallon show being taped in Indy during Super Bowl week! She has been trying to win them like mad! Isn’t that cool?