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Someone’s Knocking

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Tonight, I have big plans.  I'm hosting a little "get-together" at my house for some new friends.  Possibly, my new small group from church.  It's a new group for all of us, so I'm pretty excited!

I'm breaking them in right (southern style) with a big pot of Turnip Green Soup & Jalapeno cornbread.  Don't wrinkle your nose… is actually delicious!  Just ask all the other suckers we've fed it to over the last 25 years.  I just hope my new peeps love it too. 


I'm feeling great about the opportunity to make friends with people that are different than me.  Small group's tend to be made up of different folks doing life their way who come together to grow & learn from one another.  That's my hope!  I want to be stretched and challenged but I also want to be used by God to influence someone else while I'm here on planet earth!  This snowy, icy….freezing cold Indiana earth.

That's not the only opportunity facing my family right now.  Something big has been brewing and while I knew of its possibility, a phone call last night brought it front and center.  God is so cool like that, huh?  While hubby and I drove to Wal-mart last night we discussed some budget concerns and the consesus was that we were cutting it close financially.  Closer than either of us feel comfortable with.  I offered to sell HIS CAR!  He didn't like that idea at all.  I have a car, it has NO CAR PAYMENTS and I was willing to drive it and get rid of his payment (since he drives a company car now).  Still, not an option at this point (for him).  Within an hour, his cell phone rang and for 20+ minutes he chatted with someone who I assumed was from his office.

Nope.  Better.

It was an acquaintance who offered a "part-time" job while he continued working at his new job.  The offer comes with helping a start-up IT company get going and involves him troubleshooting and working from his phone as needed.  The best part?  He can do it and make extra money to offset what's not ideal in our current situation.

We both wanted to cry.

God is that creative, y'all.  He knows, He sees, He blesses….if we just let HIM work!

Now, I don't want to give out a wrong impression.  WE ARE NOT POOR!  WE ARE NOT BROKE!  WE ARE NOT TEETERING ON THE EDGE OF LOSING IT ALL!  We are just not set in the position we had hoped we would be at this point in the game.  What we understood and agreed to when moving here…..has turned out to be much different than originally planned.  That has put a challenge on being comfortable with doing anything more than existing.  And at 47…..we are ready to do more than that.

So, here's to opportunities knocking on the door  — friends, jobs and more.  I'm ready!