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No Order To My System

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

I wish I could say that I’m much more organized when it comes to my makeup but as you’ll see here today…I’m not. Over the many years that I’ve been putting on “my face” I’ve tried several methods of storage. I’ve used fancy makeup cases, Goody containers and now a simple 3 drawer storage bin to hold my most cherished liquid love.

Who can live without FOUNDATION?

Don’t answer that. I hate you flawless skinned beauties! Such is the life of a freckled-face girl! All of my {purty} relies heavily on some good foundation(much like my faith). Thank you, dear inventor of makeup foundation. I can hide safely behind you everyday and not reveal the real me. But I can’t do that with my Christianity.

I can hide behind a facade of goodness or Jesus words to make other’s think I’m “Christlike”, but they’ll know I’m just posing. Classic example? What your kids think about you. If you’re ever curious of whether you’re living outloud for Christ–screen out your kids opinion of you. NOTE: This could be painful (and if you’re kid is mad at you, jaded)! But usually, you’re going to get the truth.

You can pretend to be faithful to other’s but you can NEVER fool your kids.

Just like my makeup drawer, I see areas in my faithwalk that need organizing. I tend to skip around and customize my needs when it comes to God. Tell me I’m not the only one? I recognize full well that it’s slowing me down and until I make the changes that are necessary….my battle against my own flesh will continue.

I’ve come up with a plan. I want to get some order to my system. As my husband says, “Enough dilly-dallying!”.

(1) Read my Bible. Everyday.
(2) Pray. Alone, with my hubby & with my family.
(3) Study from a devotional or some other source.
(4) Pray for friends, family & other’s in need.
(5) Encourage those around me.
(6) Repeat. Daily.

Sounds simple enough, right? It’s strange how jumbled up I can make that list. With just a little effort and organization, it can turn my day around and put order to my system. My faith system! Won’t you join me?