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Crazy Makes Crazy

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

I’ve been listening to the HLN talking heads this morning and I don’t think I can stand to hear any more on this case. While I’m not one of the people flying to Orlando to stand outside the courthouse and yell “Justice for Caylee!” pleas…..I am a mother that can’t stand to hear another word on what has ultimately become a circus!

Everyone is tied up with the WHAT WILL CASEY DO NOW’s and WILL CASEY GO HOME? Are you serious? Who in the world cares? She has been freed of any ownership of this crime. She now has the rest of her life to live and in her situation live a beautiful life. Because of the society we live in, she now has financial opportunities beating down her cell door. On her behalf, Jose Baez (our newest superstar) will field all money-making options in order for Casey to NOT HAVE TO GO HOME! Who in their right mind thinks that on Wednesday….Casey Anthony will come walking out of Orange County’s jailhouse without her entourage? Her bigshot attorney’s are busy at work this very minute preparing “a place” for her to reside safely from the distraught and outraged public.

We are Americans. We tend to get way crazy when we disagree. 🙁

I’m maddened when I hear the ridiculous comments coming from every direction. I wonder what it is that fuels people and the nutty things they come up with. If it’s passion or anger or just stupidity… makes no sense. The public has been told so much about the case (so was the jury) that clearly points to her as being responsible for whatever it is that ultimately happened to Caylee. The job of the defense was to get her acquitted and that’s exactly what they did. Do I blame the juror’s or want to harm them? No and neither should anyone else. But should they be allowed to benefit from the fame of the case? No heck no!

The defense had already spoken to the Anthony family about their defense plan. How else could they sit in their seats everyday as Baez made horrible “personal” claim after claim against them? Do you really think they were shocked or surprised? Of course they weren’t. They knew what he was going to do. Duh, and shame on the goofballs in the media for blowing up the skirts of the viewers that this was nailbiting news. These people all knew the dire position they were in and wanted their daughter saved. Wouldn’t you? Oh yea, and the lies. Both parents and the son were all over the place with contradicting information. Way to go, Anthony Family! You really knew how to confuse the jury and it worked in your advantage. Only God can help any of you (and I pray that HE does)!

They knew getting her free was going to be costly and painful. Personally.

Blaming the jury’s decision on the prosecution is absurd. What that says to me and the rest of the world watching is that evidence provided will never be enough. The proof that something happened to Caylee and that she was in the care of or last seen by her mother is clear. Who doesn’t see their little child for 31 days and report it? Not your normal mother. Or at least one that wants to be responsible for her kid. The question I have yet to hear get asked is where did she take Caylee? When was the REAL last time she saw her and where was that? Who had her? What happened to her child? All of these questions point to her! [Why is that not some sort of telling information?]

I have no problem admitting how sad and angry this case made me. I’m sick. But for the throngs of folks threatening to do harm to people involved…please stop. As fellow citizens (people) it’s not our job to bring justice when we believe it was mishandled. That is God’s job (Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. Romans 12:19). While terrible things happen and bad people get away with stuff, God never allows unrepented sin to go unpunished. We can trust Him to handle wrongdoing.

”Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.” Philippians 1:27

How do we handle what we now know about this case? All we can do is search our own hearts and make right whatever is wrong in our lives. You and I are not without sin, friend. We may not have harmed another person or lied to authorities about a missing child….but we have sinned against our Lord. We must pull the plank out of our own eye and then we can pray for God to work in another’s life. Even Casey Anthony.