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Party Time!

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Welcome fellow Ultimate Blog Party friends! I’m glad you popped over. Anybody that knows me (personally) will attest…..I’m a PARTY animal! If you’re planning to have some F U N… I want to be there. So, when I heard about the Ultimate Blog Party going down over at 5 Minutes For Mom….. I was psyched! Actually, I said…. “I’m there”! 🙂

A little about me (besides my tendancy to get a little wild!!). I’m old. Well, I am to my kids. They’re all cool teenagers, so that automatically makes me an ancient ruin in their eyes. What they don’t know is that I’m super cool in my circles. People dig me and like hanging out with me.

I love to laugh. It’s easy for me to find humor in most situations. It runs in my family. Funny stuff just happens to me and around me. Call me a fun magnet. I accept!

I’m married. For over 20 years (yes, I could sing that Barry Manilow song….Looks like we’ve made it) I’ve shared my growing up time with a guy who gets me. He understands that I’m not normal and that I sometimes need to be handled with kid gloves. He’s good at dealing with major PMS, rubbing aching legs, digging tons of long hair out of the drain and loving me and my children with his whole heart! He’s a keeper, girls! He’s all mine! I didn’t even mention he was the original poster child of ADHD! So, if you wish to add me us to your prayer list….by all means, go ahead!

I’m a mom! The biggest dream ever. I couldn’t wait to be one. God blessed me with three of the world’s greatest kids. I love being around them and can’t believe I’m nearing the end of my raising them days. My oldest, Gavin is in college and the girls, Ally & Gates are both in high school (where I work). We are a very close family.

My husband is a minister. We’re originally from sunny Florida. All of our family is still there (I mean, why would they leave…right?). We moved to Indiana in 2000 to serve as pastor of a local church. Two years ago, my husband resigned from the church and has been working in the computer IT world (preaching interim positions when needed). Have we LEFT the ministry? We’re not really sure. We don’t believe so. But we’ve needed some healing and time away from it has been good. We want to obey God. So, we may or may not serve in full-time ministry again. God will decide.

I was diagnosed around 13 years ago with Fibromyalgia. I was 29 at the time and didn’t quite know what to do with it. Besides, make it or break it. I was a young mom with a house full of kids. I had no choice but to push on in spite of the pain. Today, I’m fairly healthy. I manage to work full-time and still function pretty well. Some days are harder than other’s but God has really kept me healthy. He knows what we can handle! I’m living proof!

I love blogging. I began my journey into this exciting world in April of 08. I was a frequent reader of Vicki Courtney’s blog and one day happened to notice that OTHER people had blogs too. Yea, DUH! I’m slow as they say in the south. I told my tech savvy hubby and he rolled his eyes. Why would a loving helpmate do that? Because he had been trying to talk me into something like blogging FOR A SWEET FOREVER that’s why! I just wasn’t listening. See? Slow!

I found a great designer and the rest is bloggy history! I love writing about my life, my family and what God is doing in my heart. There isn’t a topic that I avoid really. The one thing that I do not do on my blog is get raunchy! I realize that I have readers of all ages… my kids, my friends, relatives and strangers. I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking that I’m willing to speak any old way just because I’m sitting at my computer and not right in the room with you. What you read here….is really me.

Here’s 10 things (if you care at this point) about me:

1) I love shopping!
2) My dream is to be at home full-time again.
3) I’m a great cook!
4) I wish I lived on the beach!
5) My favorite car is an Escalade! (heck no, I don’t have one!)
6) I love to sing! (so do all my kids!!)
7) I think my husband is the best preacher!
8) My dogs get on my nerves…but I love them so much!
9) I miss my kids when we’re apart. (Even at school) weird, I know
10) My idea of a great day….is going somewhere fun with my family!

I hope you’ve met some great people while hopping around on the UBP. I’m so glad you stopped by and I can’t wait to snoop around at your place! Come back and see me. There’s always something going on with me.
Oh and those prizes?!! Wow! Go check them out, ya’ll!

I would love to have:(but…I’d take any prize)
Grand Prize Toshiba (duh)
US 18 Mom Basket
US 32 Target giftcard
US 39 Hilton stay (yea baby)
US 40 Holiday Inn (send me somewhere)
US 72 Wii Your Shape