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Was SHE worth it?

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

I’m going to tell the saga in a sort of snapshot (and no, not a good photo spread like PW) order of memorable moments!

Do not think for one minute….we are not professional author stalkers! We’ve got that down pat! But dang, this chick is a book SUPERSTAR!!!

As soon as the last bell rang at school, we raced to Cincinnati, OH. to meet The Pioneer Woman author Ree Drummond. Almost a 2 hour drive ON A FRIDAY AFTERNOON!

We arrived at our destination; fed the hungry baby, jumped in line for the ladies room, grabbed a drink and “mingled” with around 200 other women. Oh, and picked up our lucky ticket. The letter P is forever etched in my brain as a bad thing.

Every girl knows Vera Bradley can make a long day feel sweet. Just look! I’m sure I heard the brush of angels wings when I discovered this area of Joseph-Beth Bookstore.

There she is, Miss Ameri….Oh I mean P-Dub! Isn’t she so pretty? What? What do you mean you can’t see her!!? She’s right there. Ok, way up there. My camera stinks!

Hey, let’s walk back to Indiana! When you’re hungry and with a crazy lady that’s trying to get skinny for a special dress…YOU WALK!

Note to self: Next time you’re at a book signing event and you draw the letter “P”….GO EAT even if they say it’s an hour wait! Stay and eat! It could be a long time before you see real food again. Just sayin!

This is what you do when you have teenagers along on a fun adventure and there are no seats to park it and rest your dogs!

Look! There she is! We’re on the stairs! Happy dance, happy dance!
I can see her. Almost there.

You know when you wait forever (5 hours) to see someone and some dude tells you, “Oh, you have a baby? We tried to get the babies through AT THE BEGINNING!!!” Whaaaaaaa? No way, sir! Shud it! {See him? Yes, the one leaning out of the picture? He is so lucky PW was sitting on the other side of him….I wanted to do a sweet karate move on his body!}

Look at us. We seem to have made a connection, don’t ya think? See the love between us? Ok, I freaked. I didn’t know how to behave at that point. I was totally regretting wearing that dang fake alpalca vest AND NOT EATING DINNER 5 hours earlier!! Regrets, they’ll get you everytime.

Here’s what we waited all night to do. Can you tell how excited we were? I didn’t think so. It was a little bit late and we were deliriously tired and hungry! Ahh, but it was worth it.

Thank goodness we finally rode our horses over to PF Changs for a delicious dinner at 11pm. But hey, who’s keeping time? πŸ˜‰

Ok, so I’ll just say it. I had the most fun! Not only is Ree an amazing writer, she’s also beautiful inside and out. I was sort of bummed out that Marlboro Man wasn’t there…. but oh well, I’ll just meet him when I get my invitation to the ranch/lodge. Surely, we’ll have some cinnamon rolls and plenty of time for visiting then. And I won’t be dressed like a weirdo either!

P-Dub, you were so worth the wait! πŸ™‚