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Freeze Framin’ in Alabama

Friday, August 3rd, 2012


The best lighting to use for outside photography is early morning (or so I hear). So guess who was up this morning bright and early? Not me, her —>

Well, up with makeup on..anyways! I was up, but not looking very pretty.

Florence Alabama is full of great photo locations and if you're a girl going into your senior year with a friend that's a photographer–you pounce! As in, use your opportunities to have some senior photo's made at your leisure.


I'm stealing (in the world of photog circles) from the untouched reel of the bajillion shots she took on the campus of University of North Alabama! Did you know they have ON CAMPUS in the middle of everything….a lion & lioness? Uhh, yea they do! Beautiful. Both of them.


I didn't know they were sleeping right beside me until I walked right up on them.  It was so quiet and peaceful on campus.  These two have it pretty good.


I may get killed for posting this shot (sorry M) but this is in front of the prettiest on-campus residence.  I wanted to scoop up all the Hydrangeas and take them home with me.  There must have been hundreds, in every color.  

The best part of having a friend take your picture is that they don't mind crawling all over the place to find a single shot that looks cute.

Now that I've given you an idea….it's time to find the "money" shots and have them touched and loved on to fit her liking.  Surely, there's something just perfect to choose from out of the 350 photos taken today.

Oh yea, and HAPPY FRIDAY!  I'm still on vacation…so the days are all running together.  I won't be saying that next week, huh?

Back to school on Wednesday  crying