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Capture This

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

It’s really fun living with artsy creative people. On any given day, you might find my kids painting a mural or a pair of shoes…..creating flower arrangements or even posing for photographs. It’s just who they are. Artsy tartsy!

This week, Brad (our part-time fake son) had a project due in his photography class. It involved re-enacting another artists work in a photo. His models? My girls, of course!

This is a few shots of their photoshoot. Looks way better from his camera. But you get the picture…

Uhh, yes that’s a fake cigarette in my baby’s hand!

Uhuh, that IS IN FACT a big knife in my older daughter’s hand. And yes….she is pretending to stab her in the back! Yikes!

Don’t ya just love art?