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Pink Wednesday

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

It’s the middle of the week and I’m thinking after a rough night of interrupted sleep (sick dog & leg cramping hubby) I’d like to focus on something that makes me happy.


I know, pink is such a weird thing and not all women like it (I’ll pray for you) but I love it.

pink 1

I’ve mentioned before my tendency to drag home pink flowers. My front porch is covered with a variety of pink flowers. They do wonders for my heart and attitude.

pink sign

You might be thinking, what in the world is it that makes you love pink so much. I don’t really know, it’s soothing and warm. It lifts my spirit and tantalizes my eyes.

pink boots

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love other colors too. White & taupe are two of my other go-to colors. You may have picked up on my wardrobe.

I don’t own one of these….but, I sure would love to.

pink camper

Pink perfection.

Of course, I’d bring my bike. Because, hello…’s awesome too.

pink bike

I’ll surely need this don’t you think?

pink yeti

Coolest cooler ever!

Since I’ll be zipping around on that snazzy bike, this scarf will look perfect flying behind me. Gotta look good.

pink scarf

In the top of my closet sits one of these little beauties. One of my girls has been trying to swipe it but I keep saying, “I’m going to fill it up with my stuff soon!” Back away, chick!

pink dooney

I have the best hubby. He never balks at my pink wishes. See, above. He did that.

Hey, why not?

pink starby

My favorite flower has always been a pink tulip.

pink tulip

Uhm, hubby? This. This, ok?

pink dressing

Aye, yaye yaye!

I could certainly find a use for this pink darlin!

pink cart

I know, these would look great there.

pink flowers

I’m really not crazy. Just crazy for pink.

pink always

See, attitude. Pink does something to boost the attitude.

pink goody

In psychology, pink represents HOPE. It inspires warmth along with feelings of comfort (see, I told you). It alleviates anger and aggression. It removes resentment and calms emotions. Just what I need!

I think I’ll go home and pull down that pink purse.

What’s your favorite color?