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Who Do You Follow?

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

It's no secret that I love PInterest.  I haven't spent much time there lately and if you're a Pinner, then you know it can suck you into a time warp.  When I do get on there, I try to behave and only play for a little while.  It has power…..that PInterest monster. 

Like every good thing in life….it has to be used with discipline.

I don't usually "follow" anyone on purpose….but I love what I found this morning.  A whole group of awesome women who love the Lord and pin good stuff to inspire and encourage others.  Just my kind of gals, y'all!

Must Follow Christian Women on Pinterest –>

How could I not share something so good?  Maybe you'll find a friend or just the encouragement that you're needing.

Here's a pin that I'm loving today.  I'd certainly like this to be true for myself and the ones I love.  Wouldn't you?

Happy Wednesday, friends.