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Don’t go towards the light

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Yea…I’m poking fun at my close encounter with what I can only describe as THE END!! I’m going to share my drama with you….and if you wish to laugh, then go ahead….I’ll never know anyway! Unless you leave a cracked-pot comment that is. So, for my tiny bit of dignity….DON’T!! πŸ™‚

I’ve been having this nagging back-ache since Sunday. Just a dull pain as if I’d pulled or twisted something. No biggie, right? Right. On Monday, the back pain was getting pretty annoying and I was hitting the ibuprofen on a timed basis. That’s evidence that I was hurtin! I’ll wander around complaining forever before I’ll break down and take something. That’s just how annoying I am I roll! So, I was getting pretty uncomfortable.

In the middle of the night….everytime I tried to move around or switch sides to sleep on, SHARP PAINS would shoot through my body and wake me up. Misery, ya’ll! Seriously! Finally, at about 5am I couldn’t take it any longer. The pains were so severe I couldn’t breathe in or out for that matter. Breathing is an important process in this little thing we call LIFE!!!

Don goes through the many medical questions that he can think of. I guess he’s sizing me up for say…..A HEART ATTACK!! Which I was finally getting to the point of something is really wrong with me. I’m going to bite the dust and the whole world is going to say…..”Oh if she had only gone to the hospital, she could have just been fine!!”. All she had was ________! Yea, I did it….I played all the scenarios out as I lay there trying my best to breathe without my body coming apart! πŸ™

Finally, Don gets another shot of ibuprofen in me and cranks up a heating pad to wrap around my back and side. I spent the next little while trying to relax and saying some serious prayers to God about not wanting to be foolish and race to the hospital for nothing. But also not wanting to D I E because of being a real fool and ignoring THE BIG ONE!!! After about 25 minutes the pain eased off and I drifted off to sleep. When I woke up the pain was gone. I still had some sensation of it coming back…so I decided to stay on an ibuprofen diet for the day and close to the heating pad.

All went well….until about 5:30pm. Back comes the pain….and this time nothing was touching it. My diagnosis according to my family physician, Dr. DL Galloway is that I have Pleurisy. Yea, google that badboy! It’s a wingdinger! And if that IS what IT is…..YOU DON’T WANT IT!!

I’m stuck in a chair in my room….taking little tiny breaths, cooking on a heating pad. My sweet Ally keeps checking on me and reminding me…..MOM, don’t go towards the light! Smarty pants! They really love me, huh?

I need help! As usual! Physically, I’m coming apart! I need your healing hand right now. I believe you are the Master Physician. I love you!
PS. I really like that whole breathing process. That was quite genius, thank you!