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Doggone Po-Po

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Monday's have a way of ruining a perfectly good weekend, don't you think?  When I hopped forced myself out of bed this morning, all I could think of was skipping school and sleeping in.  I had a booming case of Monday blues.

I'm blaming this dang fall weather, it's beautiful!

Which brings me to Gracie.  She's got a thing for playing outside.  Pretty typical for a dog, I know.  But today, something went way wrong with our normal after school playtime.  I walked around outside with both dogs while they ran around sniffing for bad guys and doing their business.  Then, I remembered that I had a plate of leftover rib bones to give them inside.  In order to do this, I knew I'd have to seperate them…or else.

So, I left Gracie on the back porch and Lizzy inside while they chomped down on their tasty treats.  Safely apart.  I forgot Gracie was still out there after a while and went to call for her.  She was nowhere in sight.  I called and called….no dog!  Gavin came in and I told him to drive around and find the runaway.

No luck.  Girlfriend was gone!

After dinner, I went out and called for her again (also known as annoying all my neighbors with my BIG MOUTH!).  Still, she didn't come home.  Then, I saw my elderly neighbor walking up the driveway.  I sent Gavin out to speak with her and get the news.  I was so nervous that it would be bad.

I really wsn't expecting to hear…..SHE WAS AT THE POLICE DEPARTMENT downtown!

She followed this same neighbor (who walks all over town) all the way into downtown.  She walked right beside her along the sidewalk just as if she was on a leash.  When they reached major intersections, my sweet neighbor held her by her collar for fear she would get hit in the busy traffic.  She realized that she couldn't just let her go free downtown by that point…so she stopped by the police department and dropped her off!

Oh my gosh!

How embarrassing!  Gavin and I raced up to "claim" our property.  It was pretty funny to walk up to the window and see your dog hanging out with the clerks.  Everyone (dog included) acted like it was the most normal experience in the world.  Ya know, helping out at the police department when I can!  Crazy dog!

It seems everywhere this she goes…..she makes best friends.  Even at the Po-Po!