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Who You Calling Chubby?

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Clothes shopping has become my nemesis! For some reason everything I try on fits like a nightmare. I admire the cute stuff on the rack but I curse it once I have it on in the dressing room. What is my size? It seems to keep changing. Either that or the clothing manufacturers are playing horrible tricks on the public by making clothes smaller and smaller.

What are we, Asian’s?

Look around. People in America seem to be growing. Me included! I’ve always been the tiny one in my circles. Not so anymore. I’ve never been the size I am right now AND I HATE IT!!

I blame it on Pioneer Woman! She’s always blah-blah’ing about this recipe and that recipe. I think she’s a skinny wicked Okie out on a mission with her other Tasty Kitchen cronies to fatten up all the wives in America (they NEVER eat anything they post)! Dang it, it’s working!

Oh, I tease! Ree isn’t that kind of gal. She’s a real woman. Heck, she admits she wears the Spanx too! I like her and her amazing recipes.
Like this–

Everybody’s got to eat breakfast, right? Egg in the hole is a quick and easy way to crank your engine in the morning. Oh, stretchy pants….you are a friend to me.

Who can I blame for these?

All I can say is that baking cookies at 9pm on a school night is no way to be a happy chick in the dressing room.

And I wonder why nothing fits?

I’m reaching a point of desperation. I no longer want to be the chubby size I am right now. Something has to give. I’ve accepted the fact that my 44 year old body isn’t running on the same metabolism system of my 20’s. Stuff sticks now. And sadly, it sort of hangs there.

So, I’m challenging myself. No more denying myself the joys of looking good and feeling good because of my poor habits. I’m determined to make the changes necessary for me to be the best me!

See ya later, backfat & flabby belly! This chick is toning up!