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Not Too Busy

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Remember my post back in the summer about reading the book Confessions of a Prayer Slacker?  Yea, well….I've been slacking and I'll be completely honest, it shows!

 Oh, I've called on God to fix some things…

— Ally's STILL VERY BROKEN DOWN CAR!!   Hello, $2500-3000 repair job!!

— The backed-up sewer lines that held us up from everything for days.

— Job stresses.

But those cries out to Him when I'm just exasperated aren't exactly the kind of praying I need to be doing.

Wouldn't you agree?

I feel out of touch, overwhelmed and too tired to even go there.  Does that ever happen to you?  I'm positive that satan utilizes this as often as he can in the life of Christians.

Isn't it time to jump off the ferris wheel of life and make time to really talk to God?  (I'm talking to me most of all, here)  I know he cares about the issues that I'm drowning in and I'm convinced that with His help….they can be worked out.  It's up to me to stop & listen.


Dear Lord

It's me again.  I'm fully aware that I wander aimlessly when I don't spend time in prayer with you.  Please forgive me for my hard-headedness and steely determination to walk on the edge of life everyday.  Fill me with the strength and the courage to face the inconveniences that happen when I least expect it.



Don't forget to celebrate.  It's Friday eve, friends!  cheeky