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Potato Praying

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

One of my least favorite household jobs is peeling the potato. Because in my family there a lot of people to feed which means many potatoes! I’m no good at making instant either. I can seriously mess up a box of spuds! Just ask my family. It’s a talent that God must not want me to possess.

So, I peel.

I’ve come up with a way to make it productive and enjoyable….believe it or not. I’m calling it POTATO PRAYING! Every time I pick up a potato to peel, I pray. I pick someone to pray for while I peel away all the yuck. When I move onto another tater, I pray for someone else on my list. It not only put my hands to work but my heart too.

I ended up praying for quite a few loved ones and piled up a large amount of potatoes for dinner. Winning!

How about you? What fun or creative way do you sneak in prayer? I know I’m not the inventor of snappy ways to pray or anything….I simply thought this was a great way to accomplish two important tasks in my life. Tell me how you fancy things up.

Happy Thursday, friends. It’s garbage day at my house….and I’M NOT THE ONE WHO HAS TO TAKE THE CANS TO THE ROAD!! Yay, to having a son home! 😉