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Anybody Can Be A Bully

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Even big people. Grown-up adults. Our country is bombarded with the results of bullying every single day. It’s a crying shame! In the news lately? The many suicides by teenagers over homosexuality and bullying. Each one linked back to some form of peer bullying. But, I can’t help but think of the many other types of bullying that go on day in and day out! Just about every person you meet can share a bully story of some sort. It’s not just connected to sexual orientation. It never has been. People will pick on you for anything.

Wearing a hat, not wearing a hat. Driving a clunker, or a new car. Having out of date clothes, having new clothes. Being dumb, being smart. Not being popular, being popular. Having parents, not having parents. Sitting with certain people. Being gay, or straight. Being rich, poor.


There is no prejudice for bullying. Other than someone is prejudice against you for whatever they deem worthy of teasing you about. Nice huh? Yea, that’s how the world is and always has been. It’s just becoming more of a hot-spot these days now that the media is broadcasting the recent suicides.

Bullying stinks!

Now that I’m an adult…..I see bullying can come from even adults. We tend to think of it as a kid-only behavior. Not so. It seems that anyone with a little bit of power can be mean and tease. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do about it. People are just like that.

What is it that makes us unkind? Why is bullying so prevalant? I wish I knew the answer. I think mean adults make mean kids and the cycle continues. But….why? Who in the world thinks meanness is good? {Darn you SIN!!} 🙁

I wonder. What do you tell your kids when they face an adult that giggles or laughs at something meant as an insult to them? I’m trying to teach my kids the difference between something meant as hurtful and something meant in fun. But honestly…..this world is making it really hard to decipher the difference!

Dear God
Help me to show your lovingkindness to everyone. Even those NOT like me. Especially to them. Give me your eyes to see people the way you do. I can’t love in my own power….but I can in YOURS. Forgive me when I fail to love like you do.