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Just Cover it up

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

If you make a mistake, chances are you will have a consequence. What goes around comes around, right? Speed, get caught…..receive costly ticket! Ouch! Steal, get caught….go to jail! Eeek! Murder, get caught….prison maybe even death yourself, if you’re in certain states. Each and every person has a responsibility to do the “right thing” in all circumstances of their lives.

I’ve read several news accounts of the Harvard professor vs. the Cambridge policeman’s encounter (made so publicly famous during the big “Health Care” shpiel). The story certainly seems simple. A concerned citizen called police fearing a break-in at a neighboring home (this home had been burglarized recently). The police respond and attempt to investigate the gentleman at the residence (I would feel appreciative of this service)….but that’s just me. The professor is mouthy and argumentative with the officer’s, even after being warned to settle down. He gets arrested…..throws down the race card. The rest is history. Uuuh, for real history. Cause now he’s going to the White House for……a beer!

NOTE: I don’t know about you….but when I have an encounter with the PO-PO…..I BEHAVE! Why? I respect his position and understand that he could misconstrue anything I might say or do as being uncooperative! Whether I’m white or black or yellow or red! Period! I want to be treated with kindness and respect…so I conduct myself in that same manner. Brilliant, huh? Common courtesy, kicked up a notch! If it could only catch on…

Tonight is the big event. News shows are calling it The Beer Summit. What a shame! Our President has stepped in to bring the parties together (oh…he’s personal friends with the professor, I might add). What is this? He’s not Mr. Fixit! He has spoken out regarding the case and hasn’t made it look like the police were doing their job in an honoring manner. He even said, “they acted stupidly”! Come on! I am absolutely appalled! He’s out of line to blurt that out during the time all of America is tuned in for A REAL TRAVESTY…..the healthcare fiasco! ZIP IT, SIR!

We all should be so lucky!

Here’s another story that will have you scratching your head.

A policeman rear-ends a lady down in Florida. When he speaks with her she admits to having had a few drinks earlier. He places her in his patrol car and has a conversation with another officer….they devise a plan to charge her with the accident. Everything that is said between the two is recorded on the officer’s webcam! Don’t ya just love technology? Yea, me too! 🙂

HE HIT HER! (the video of this incident is on youtube….warning: strong language involved)

Makes you nervous? It should! Who can you trust?

Nobody but Jesus!

Dear Lord,
I don’t know how you put up with us. We’re pathetic! It seems to be more and more acceptable to cover up our wrongs or to blame someone else for our mistakes. We need your Holy conviction in our lives, daily. Make us uncomfortable….bother us until we do the right thing! I don’t want to face you with such guilt on my hands. Forgive me when I don’t own my mistakes…..and thank you for your righteousness that keeps me striving to be like you.

It is better to trust and take refuge in the Lord than to put confidence in man.
Psalm 118: 8