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Red Hot Wishes

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Remember my birthday wish? Yes, it came true! Guess who pretty much single-handedly ate this thing? Yes, it was ME!

On Thursday, I came home to a surprise birthday cake. Have I mentioned how fun it is having family visit? While you’re at work, fun stuff happens at your house. Like COOKED MEALS and birthday cakes! Hot dang! All things that make me giddy with happy!

Except. They all left and the cake stayed on my kitchen table. So, I did what any out-of-control hormonal woman would do…..I ate some of it, every meal!

Until yesterday. I couldn’t take it anymore! I threw it out. But my gratitude for the two sweet gals that made it for me–I held onto and hid in my heart forever.

Nana & Ally–
Thank you for making my birthday cake wishes come true. It’s not easy to make a Red Velvet Cake & DINNER! I loved it! You made my day with that sweet surprise.
I’m so blessed to be loved by both of you.
Love & kisses