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Fearful Days

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

I don’t know about you….but, I’m absolutely convinced our world is more dangerous today than its ever been. In the land of the free, a trip to the movies or even to school can be deadly. There isn’t any place that’s safe. Criminals are on the prowl and they’re looking for victims.

Yesterday, I was out shopping along with a million other Hoosiers when I noticed two guys coming towards me in Nordstrom Rack. I wouldn’t have thought much of it except that I was in the women’s section surrounded by racks and racks of womens clothing (there wasn’t anything they needed there) and they were looking back and forth at one another and then at me. Purposefully at me, with an intended forceful approach. They seemed to be rushing at me all while trying to surround me at the same time. I picked up on their aggression and immediately pushed my cart away from them and moved into the middle of a crowd of people. They knew – that I knew… they were up to something.

I refuse to be a victim.

Just this week in my area (and these are just a few cases) –> 2 college lock-downs due to armed robberies….a neighborhood store robbed at gunpoint, a mother was killed in her home while her 2 kids were asleep, a third man was arrested for his part in the recent home invasion murder (not too far from my house), a man was shot and killed pumping gas, a CVS drugstore was robbed, a lady noticed her cable installer with what looked like one of her husband’s gun cases and called the police. He was arrested on the scene (at her house) with 2 more of her guns in his van. He was there to do a job, like many of us have repairmen and helpers in our home every day.

No place, no circumstance is free from criminal activity.

I’m no dummy, criminals are looking for victims. They prey on society and look for anyone not paying attention or seemingly weak. All around us, bad guys are creeping up and down our streets and public places. They want your stuff, your money and they DO NOT care if you live or die in order for them to get it from you.

When I see a GUN FREE ZONE sign on a business, I cringe. Who in their right mind believes that applies to everyone? Really? Okay. You shop there then.

I’m sick of feeling afraid. I don’t like shopping in a mall or store where I have to constantly look over my shoulder. If you think it only happens in big cities, you are very wrong. It’s becoming a normal part of society and I don’t understand the fascination with assaulting and or robbing innocent people.

The excuse for drugs isn’t good enough. The excuse for needing money for the holidays is ridiculous (be poor like the rest of us, would ya?). There are no good excuses for committing crimes in order to pad your own pockets. None.

What can we do to protect ourselves and stop crime before it happens?

1. Don’t go where you know it isn’t safe – Seriously, don’t visit shady parts of town. Stay away from known crime riddled areas. Don’t go out alone or jogging in secluded spots at questionable hours. Make good decisions. It could mean your life.

2. Apply for a gun permit (if you are a gun person, that is) – Don’t just apply, but train and carry it ALL THE TIME. Have your weapon of defense available to you wherever you are, even at home. Don’t be afraid to use it.

3. People watch – Look people in the eye. Don’t shy away. If you do, you are exactly who criminals are looking for. Like my two jerks at Nordy’s, I looked directly into both of their eyes (spoke clearly) that I wasn’t who they wanted to accost.

4. Lock your doors – I’m really guilty of this. Check your doors, even if you live in a great area (like me). The recent murder of Amanda Blackwell reminds us all that even leaving your door unlocked for a quick run to the gym can be fatal.

5. Call police – Don’t hesitate to report what appears to be suspicious behavior. We’re not living in la-la land. This is the real world with real criminals out there. Be safe not sorry.

6. Trust your gut – If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Get to a safe spot, find a store manager or other person to talk to when you’re in a weird position. Never ignore a God-given natural instinct.

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God isn’t surprised by this upturn of violent and wicked behavior. His word clearly points out how crazy the world will become as we near His return. Don’t let the meltdown of society steal your comfort and peace. Be ready to protect yourself and your family. Fear can be a tool to keep you alive.