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Save Your Money, Honey

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Don't hate me because I'm cheap!

I'm a frugal gal.  I refuse to waste money (that's what I say inside my head anyway) on stuff that I know I can buy for less.  I will shop it out to find the best price on just about everything I purchase, especially items I use and dispose of in a quick-like jiffy!

I don't hang out at the DOLLAR TREE but when I need certain things that I loathe paying an overpriced amount for, I head there for my bargains.  Tell me a dollar isn't worth it!?

So, what is it that I believe you should buy at Dollar Tree?


Don't pass up these items!  If there's a birthday, shower or just a celebration DT is the place to go for all the fun stuff and it's a lot less than you'll pay by shopping at a party store.  I love their balloons, wrapping paper, ribbon, decorations and more!  You can make a party special just by selecting some of your favorite items over on the party aisle.


One trip through the floral department of Hobby Lobby (which I love to do, by the way) will shock your wallet into looking for fake flowers in Dollar Tree instead.  The selection is limited, but I have found just what I needed to create beautiful wreath decor and to jazz up gift wrapping every time I've shopped there.  Who wants to pay huge dollars on such things?  Not me!


I have a thing for creamy baby oil and Dollar Tree doesn't leave me wanting.  That's just one beauty item that I find there to rock my medicine cabinet.  Soaps, scrubbies, hair products and more line the shelves……for a dollar!  These are some of my favorite ways to fill up gift bags or stockings at Christmas.


Y'all, really now.  Name a season that you don't want to save a few bucks on when you're out shopping?!  Dollar Tree is full of fun stuff for every holiday!  Just remember to shop soon or you may not be able to find all the cute Easter loot before the grannie's raid the store.


I try to stock cleaning stuff in every bathroom and under the kitchen sink so that I'm not making 10 trips up and down the stairs just to clean up.  Dollar Tree has the greatest deals on name brand products.  I have several favorite items too that I buy only from DT!  Why isn't my house cleaner?  Suppose I should go use some of those supplies, huh?


I'm not telling you what to do when it comes to decorating your house but Dollar Tree has some awesome decor stuff.  Anything from glass dishes to candle holders and more.  Even a non-crafty girl can get some cute ideas and snazz up her dining table for so much less than a department store find.  The choices are endless.


I have watched many video's of "other" DIY blogger's organizing away with items they purchased at the Dollar Tree.  It can be done!  The trick is to not buy anything you don't already have a use for.  Go through cabinets, drawers and the pantry and figure out ahead of time what you need when picking out storage accessories.  Winning!


If you need to outfit a kitchen with spoons, ladles, skewers, dishes etc.  This store cannot be beat.  I especially love using stuff from the kitchen area when sending a dessert or food to someone in need.  I never have to worry about getting a dish back, I just add it in as a gift!


Boom, chackalacka!  The candy deals are awesome!  I love grabbing movie-sized favorites at Dollar Tree.  These make the best stocking stuffers or purse stuffers whichever you might need at the moment.  It's always a starting point for my shopping!


I love my dogs but I hate paying crazy amounts for dog chews and such.  Dollar Tree has the greatest deals on all their pet items.   If you've owned a lab then you know how quickly a toy is destroyed and a dollar doesn't hurt nearly as bad when you have to throw away the eyeball-less giraffe.  Cheap doggy items, baby!!

These are just a few items that I find worth my trip to Dollar Tree.  Maybe you have some favorites of your own.  Either way, don't skip the savings you can find at Dollar Tree! 

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Being frugal…….is like a gift to your family!  Saving on these sorts of things frees you up to spend a little more money on special wishes!  And who doesn't like that?