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No looking back

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

It’s that time. In just a few hours my girl begins her college days. Even though she’ll be living at home this first year (or semester) it’s still a big deal. I remember my own walk onto new school turf way back when. My commute was over an hour, hers won’t be quite that long. Still, it was scary and new–so I felt anxious.

She hasn’t mentioned any of that yet. I’m assuming that since her big brother is going to take classes at the same school with some of the same classes…she’s feeling ok with everything ahead. That could be pretty comforting, huh?

I’m really excited for her. It’s a new step towards her future that I know she’s happy to take. God has been pretty lavish with blessing our family especially when it comes to college and costs. Soon, she will be getting a car (hello, school loan!!) and then her freedom will feel real. Go girl!

My prayers are that she will find what it is she’s looking for. I know what it’s like to be her age and clueless about what you want out of life. I was stumbling around myself back then. Now that I think I have my dream figured out….I have to stumble even more to make it happen. But God…He knows just what she needs and me too.

Do you remember being 18 and facing the future? How’d you handle it? Did your dreams come true? Has life gone the way you imagined? It’s been a complete surprise for me. I’m so glad I surrendered my life to Him. By far, the best decision I’ve ever made.

Here’s to you Ally. Live your dreams, girl! I will always be here cheering you on. Lead… everyway.