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Snow covers and reveals

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Today was a bust as far as school is concerned. I woke up in the wee hours to peek out the window and fell back in bed bummed when I didn’t see any snow. I figured it missed us and prepared my brain to get up and go to school. Then 5:45am my phone rang with the NO SCHOOL message for me to pass along. Yeehaw!


I had made arrangements to have two of our barn cats fixed by the neuter scooter folks and the appointment drop-off time was 7:30am. Buzzkill! No going back to sleep for this queenie. I was zinging with fear that I’d doze off and miss the whole shebang! So, I laid there eyes peeled open….fretting! πŸ˜‰

Finally, I got up and dressed to go. Hubby loaded up the poor scared kitties and off we went in our four-wheel drive! By this time the roads were a snowy mess. We literally had to “take it easy”. After dropping off our now sure to run over and kill cats (since we spent $75 on them), I jumped back into sweatpants with a side of choffee. Ahhh! Relax minus the sleep.

As the snow has steadily fallen and blanketed my neighborhood, I’ve watched the activity of my neighbors. Some are out playing and sledding, others are shoveling and blowing their driveways. Some even pull out the big guns and use backhoes. As long as I’ve lived in this neighborhood (and I’ve always praised it for being a NICE neighborhood) no one has ever helped us with our loooooooong driveway.

I had to ask myself a very important question. Is it me or is it them? I mean, does that say something about me or about them? So, I spent a little time in self reflection.

Do I treat others with the kindness they deserve? I try to.
Do I help when I see a need? I try to.
Do I care about those in my neighborhood? Of course I do.
Do I have the relationships I wish to have with my neighbors? No.
What can I do? Pray for them and try to reach out. From now on, I’ll keep waving even if they won’t wave back.

Do you show the people around you God’s love? Maybe you have a neighbor that you’re not so fond of. Refuse to be frenemies with them anymore. Drop off some cookies to them or yell a hello next time you’re outside. Do something to be a blessing in His name.

Oh and if you’re out bulldozing snow…..swing over and swipe a path for them too! I bet they’ll love you forever. πŸ˜‰

A quick look out my backdoor this morning….the beginning of SNOW!

**I’m working on finding ways to show God’s love to those in my path! Seeing my neighbors doing just that, reminded me of my mission!