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Shaved Legs Won’t Make Me Spiritual

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

I’m not the only one who cringes everytime I pull into the gas pump. It’s been a source of stress for many families. Whether you drive a Toyota or a big SUV like me. It hurts in your pocketbook!

Families are pushed to the limit with their budgets. Groceries have shot up to crazy amounts, electricity & water are higher than we ever imagined paying and razors…..have you bought razors lately? Aye-yi-yi! What in tarnation?

Now I’m not a hairy gorrilla type of person….but geez, I have to shave. My whole family does. Which in my case equals five adults since my kids are pretty much grown in size and physical maturity. We need razors!

Back in the day (yea, here we go!) I’m talking 80’s/90’s folks. I could purchase an 8+ package of Daisy brand pink razors for less than $5 and shave to my little heart’s desire. TMI? Sorry. But seriously, what has the world come to that it costs more for razors than it does to feed a family of 5 at a fast food restaraunt?

The quality is sketchy too. You can’t just pick up the cheapest disposables anymore. You’ll end up with injuries! It’s almost as if the razors that work the best have an addictive ingredient in them. I know, I sound crazy. But this is serious, ya’ll! Shaving = comfort which = sanity! Don’t you agree?

Last week I was over on Angie Smith’s blog (Bring The Rain) and she was “sharing” some of her pet peeves. Girlfriend (love her) was spot-on with many of her quirks (I began to wonder if the two of us had been seperated at birth)! She mentioned trying to sleep without having shaved legs. Impossible! Unlike her, I can force myself to do it–BUT I DON’T WANT TO!!! Gack!

You’re probably asking what is the spiritual connection to shaving? None, really. I just think I’m at my best “personally” when I’m in the best shape hygiene-wise. I feel confident and ready to take on the world. It makes me want to do stuff that I’m hesitant to do other times. Crazy, I know!

So what’s my razor of choice? I’m pretty sweet on Gillette’s Venus Spa Breeze. Once you try them, consider yourself hooked! No going back to the fakes. You’ll find yourself scouring the Sunday ads looking for coupons and sales on the little dudes. It might even make you crank up your prayer life. Kidding! I tease!

Who’s praying for good razors? Duh! Not me! 😉