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Food Hoarder, That’s Me

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

I’ve heard it from more than one person…..I have a lot of food! I don’t know why I do…I just do! I can think of a gazillion things I need from the store at any given minute. Yet, as I look into the pantry….I get this overwhelmed feeling of gaaaaahhh, look at all that stuff! Somebody needs to cook it! Ewww!

Sounds ridiculous, I know!

Since my teenagers were still in bed at lunchtime (again), I decided to get busy with making a meal list from the food I have on hand. Yea, I’m living la vida loco! It only took me a flat 10 minutes or so to realize I have enough to cook for two weeks! {Shh, don’t tell my husband….he bugs me about a menu all the time!} It’s amazing what you find when you do a little organizing. I even had to throw out a few things.

Want to know what’s on the menu? I thought you would.

1–Chicken and yellow rice
3–Salmon patties (yes, we live high on the hog! Don’t hate!)
4–Turkey & veggie soup
6–Cod fish & fries
7–Chicken & dressing
9–Beef tips & rice
11–Whole chicken to bake & make magic
13–Shrimp & penne pasta
14–Potato bar

I have more meals I can create with other extra items on hand but my brain is on overload right now. I’m going to pin myself down to using up what I have before I go “big shopping” again. I mean it! {Honey, I know you’re spying on me!} I’ll need the help of my family. They like to complain about what I cook (here & there). Using up the groceries you have is old school, I know. That’s what most of the world is doing and I do use mine too. It’s just that we’ve gotten extra fluffy in terms of full pantry/freezer. Then, we end up going….”What are we going to eeeeeeeat?”!

So, time to get down to business! I’ll have to let you know….how rich I am in 2 weeks! haha

Oh geez, and I didn’t even mention all the dessert stuff I could make. I’ll be whipping up some treats too! Last night, I went bonkers and made this delicious goodness!  What is it, you ask?  Cookies & Cream Peanut Butter Spread!  Yea, some mean lady over at Picky Palate is spreading this fattening scrumptious recipe around.  I think I might love her!  😉