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May – I Bring You Tornadoes?

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

po po monday

Dangit, Monday!! I’d list getting pulled over by the po-po on an early Monday morning as one of my biggest NO THANK YOU’s! On the positive side, her day can only get better at this point. Welcome, May!

Oops, add on to that stop. It was an accident. Teacher hit student on a bike. That’s a much worse day than a speeding ticket. No one was hurt, carry on.

The weekend was a great version of up & down – what’s next thanks to the weather. I’ll go ahead and fill you in on my horrible luck of being LOCKED DOWN in Home Goods during a real live Indiana tornado Thursday afternoon. Yea, I was standing there….listening to the tornado sirens go off and wondering what the? Is that real?

I had just left school (woohoo, lucky me) and needed to run for coffee and a few other things when all the weirdness began to follow me. By the time my phone and every other person in the store’s phone alarmed us to definite impending danger – I went into full-on THIS IS NOT A DRILL concern. I sought out the kind sales-people of Home Goods about their safety procedures….only to be told, “I have NO IDEA what our safety plan is!”.

Very reassuring. Especially since I could actually see outside that something was a brewin’!!

To the back of the store I shopped walked. You know, for “safety” reasons. Within minutes, a man arrived with true to goodness weather information and told everyone that the tornado was in fact real and that it was now heading towards Carmel (where my youngest punk was at work – she called to tell me they were hunkered down in a stairwell!).

What is happening? Toto, I wanna go home!!!

So, I quickly paid for my coffee and headed out the door. Homeward bound.

This, is what I missed –>

twist it

Oh, hello there.


Why sure….dance all around my neighborhood.

twist 2

Is that all you got?


Oh, you got more? Oh my!! I’ll just zip it now.

Screenshot (1)

(Map – my house to touchdown city) Click to enlarge

Touchdown for real, 4 miles from my trailer without wheels neighborhood…. did this –>

barn tornado

Yikes, right?

barn storm

In the future, I will do more than just perk up when I hear tornado sirens. I will believe!! And if it happens in Home Goods at least I’ll be surrounded by all the pretty things as we all fly away.

Tornadoes are NO JOKE!